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sharp little guy  
--Ella calls an umbrella a "bra-lella"

--Today she woke up and said she had a "bad, bad dream". Apparently, a crab was on her neck, and at this she showed that it was on the front of her throat. She said it was very scary. Then she brightened and cheerily added "And then it began to snow!"

--Craig's parents live in a condo development and as we left there the other day, Ella noticed other people driving into the entrance and she exclaimed "Why do other people live in Nanaville?"

--On a recent bike ride, a biker on a sleek bike complete with tiny shorts and a racing jersey breezed past us and Ella commented: "Mama, there goes an official biker". I have no idea where she got "official" from. Also, I guess I'm just a plain old pedi-cab driver to her.

--In a random role-playing game outside (it seemed that we were karate students AND soccer stars) Ella said she and I were both named "Johnny Jones". It's hard not to crack up with your three and half year old is saying "Johnny Jones! Put on a karate show!"

--Ella is the proud foster parent of a blue betta fish (she calls it a blue goldfish). The first name she picked out was "Fristy Frosty Little Bosty". There was no way I was going with this name. We compromised somehow on "Fritz" which has now morphed into "Friztle". Betta are good fish for toddlers becaue evidently if they get out of their watery home in one way or another and if they haven't become completely "crispy", you can put them back in the water and often they will revive themselves. I do not plan on seeing if this is possible.

--I often take a relaxing but crowded bath with Ella at night. Last night we were talking about how often times when I drop her off at school, she's a bit surly with her friends and it takes her some time to warm up. She says she's "shy". Yeah, right. I told her she has to be nice no matter how she's feeling. She said "I can choose to be happy or sad". And I said that was right and asked if her teachers taught her that – she replied that she taught herself that! I asked her what the best choice was and she said "Happy!" Then she proceeded to give us each a bubble beard and mustache.

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