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Back in high school, my friend Erin and I would go to the new mall (Carousel Center, for those keeping track) near our house and luxuriate in the fancy department store there – the now defunct Bonwit Teller. They had fancy gowns and fancy dressing rooms and they didn't seem to care that we weren't shopping to buy. The dressing rooms were as big as our bedrooms and softly lit. It was like being in "Pretty Woman" (without the prostitution part). Around the time of our Senior Ball (way back in May of 1992) we went looking for dresses and just for fun hit Bonwit, of course. And there I found the most perfect dress I had ever seen – in the wrong size. Plus, even on sale, the $70 was a crazy amount of money for me and my parents to spend on a dress (I can't stress enough that $70 was like, impossibly expensive!) Still – I couldn't stop thinking about it and came home to lament to my Mom about that great great great dress. A week later I answered the phone and the woman wanted to leave a message for my Mom. The message was that the Bonwit in Buffalo had the dress and would be sending it to Syracuse for my Mom to pick up. I was so confused when I told my Mom the message because I couldn't wrap my head around what was transpiring. "Oh darn", my Mom said. "I was hoping to get that phone call, not you." So my dearest Mom called all the Bonwit stores looking for that dress and had them ship it to Syracuse so she could surprise me with it. I still tear up thinking of how amazing that was and how much it meant to me.

And on Senior Ball night? Zombies did my hair and make-up:

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