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sprinkles, sparkles, cupcake  
The kid turned 4 yesterday – 4!! We’re almost getting into vintage years! Having a 4-year-old is nothing like having a baby anymore – she’s a real, little person with likes and dislikes, except like and dislike is a bit too impassionate for a 4-year-old – there’s really only loves and hates. The other day at the playground she was running around with two boys and she said “Let’s play “dance”!” and one boy said “ I hate dancing!” and Ella, with hands on hips, said “You shouldn’t say you hate dancing because I LOVE DANCING!” and then she ran over to me and tattled on them. Priceless. What was even better was that the poor little guys looked like they actually thought they might be in trouble for hating dancing.

It was thrilling to have her birthday on Easter since both just melded into each other. It was a birthday Easter egg hunt and we dyed birthday Easter eggs and there were birthday Easter baskets along with Easter birthday presents. I’m sure it will be hard to explain next year when Easter isn’t on her birthday.

The most oft heard phrase in our house is “Mama, pretend you went to the pet store and bought a special kitty named Sparkles”. Sometimes the names changes to Sprinkles or Cupcake. Ella will lie on the couch and I have to pretend I’m purchasing a kitty and I pick the very best one – Sprinkle, Sparkles, Cupcake – and then I take her home (the kitchen, where Ella thinks I live) and bam, I now own a kitty named Sprinkle or Sparkles or Cupcake. Five minutes after this transaction, I have to do the whole reenactment again because the whole point is that I go to the pet shop and buy a kitty – not that I take it home and hope that it curls up on a sunny spot on the floor and takes a looooong nap. It never takes a nap.

It’s nice to have Ella’s birthday in the spring. She turns a year older and we’re all rejuvenated and ready for the warm weather with lots of plans for camping and hiking and water-sprinkling. And finally, here comes the sun!

Here's to the birthday ladybug. May you have another wonderful year of bossing me around, offering everyone and anyone a dollar in exchange for candy and giving me hugs because I've been a "good girl". You're my favorite and my best!

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