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the bees...legs?  
--Today, while Ella and I were outside reading, two bees buzzed by us in a ferocious mortal combat and I noticed something fall into my lap. Yup, it was a bee leg! No wonder they have colony collapse disorder or whatever it's called - they're taking off each other's legs!

--Took Ella to the farmer's market today. It's the cutest thing you've ever seen- little white tents set-up in a tiny yard-szied space. We bought goat cheese, bread, kettle corn and a maple sugar lollipop. Not to be consumed together, of course. Also, strawberries are ready for pickin'. Yay!

--My husband turned 37 this week. That is one old dude.

--I've decided that NBC should do a weekly show about the Obama administration. I'd watch it. I don't even care about the politics. I just want to see all those cool people run around the White House.

--One show that NBC should not do anymore, not ever, never again is "I'm a Celebrity...Get Me Out of Here". I watched it for 10 minutes and I actually died a little inside. What the hell is wrong with Spencer and Heidi Pratt? I now know why their last name is, in fact, "prat".

--Ella and I obsessively talk about the baby cows at the farm down the road from us. They are about a year old and while they've gotten much bigger in a year, they've still got that adorable cow fuzziness about them. The other day Ella said that the cow mama said to her kids "You know I love you, son...but you groooooooowed!". Ha! That's kept me going for a week it's so funny.

--What has not kept me going for a week is some sort stomach bug that Craig had and somehow it waited a whole seven days to take me down. I ate lunch on Sunday and then I was at death's door. I only just starting eating some sort of real food today. I'm just pissed that I didn't lose 10 pounds.

--"Weeds" season four is out on DVD - yippee! I have my weekend planned!

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