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the lottery  
I used to love the New York State lottery slogan which was (is?) "Hey, you never know." - which is true, you just never know. Problem is, I never play the lottery even though I would very much like to win. I figure - why bother? I'm never going to win and I can spend $2 on some instant gratification like an ice cream cone or peanut butter M&Ms. I should have a better attitude since 10 years ago my Aunt won some money in the NY State lottery and my great Aunt won A LOT of money in the FL lottery. But to me, that just means that the odds are even more against me and thus, I rarely buy tickets.

My Dad buys lottery tickets fairly regularly but he also has what I call his alternate lottery dream which involves him driving to work early in the morning and coming upon a terrible accident which involves a drug deal gone bad. Everyone is dead and there, in the middle of the road, is a bag of money that he calmly grabs and goes on his merry way, moving to town I can't disclose because, hello, shortly after my Dad revealed this dream to us, "No Country For Old Men" came out and good granny, you know how THAT drug-deal-gone-bad-bag-of-money-scenerio went down. After I saw that movie I told my Dad he might want to rethink his alternate lottery money dream and just go the old fashioned route and rob a bank. Or buy an internet company.

I never win anything, really. When I recently bought raffle tickets from my niece I didn't even entertain the notion that I would win the "Bucket of Fun" ($100 value) or the "Restaurant Spree" ($250 worth of gift cards to various restaurants). I just consider that I'm donating money. I like the contests where you have to work to win. I wish I was a 50s housewife writing jingles to win a new washer and dryer - that's my idea of a contest. So recently, I submitted a Web site suggestion to a magazine that we get through our cable service and imagine my surprise when I got an email saying they'd chosen my suggestion and witty quip and I  "won" a brand new iPod nano! Yay me! Do I need another iPod? No. But I was excited as all get-out and now I think I'm pretty cool walking around with my neon green nano. Too bad I couldn't "win" a new job! Or "win" my mortgage getting paid off. But, hey, I guess you never know.

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