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Small but meaningful Christmas miracles  
- Two days in a row Ella and I were able to get her gloves on flawlessly. All digits went into their respective digit holders and I wasn’t reduced to a pile of sobs like I usually am when it comes to putting tiny fingers in even tinier gloves.

- Wal-Mart had a “flying-saucer” sled that was $5 AND made in the U.S.A. There was even little sticker saying where it was made (PA), when (12/8/09) and by whom (first shift).

- I didn’t sustain any major bodily injury while showing Ella how to belly-flop on aforementioned sled and cruise down a hill. Okay, it was a slope.

- I didn’t murder the lady in front of me at Target who acted surprised when it was time to pay, then took 12 years to dig her checkbook out of an impossibly large purse and then took another 600 years to write what could only be elaborate hieroglyphics on that check. People – I didn’t kill her!

- Not so much a miracle but just how much I love these Christmas songs: “Christmas” by Blues Traveler, “Let’s All Have A Patrick Swayze Christmas” by Mystery Science 3000 and “We Wish You a Merry Christmas” by The Muppets!

- When Diana Krall came on the iPod singing “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas”, Ella said “Mama, is this you singing?” If she was garnering for a few extra gifts IT WORKED!

- Things Ella has declared Christmas miracle-worthy: that I bought asiago cheese bagels from Panera, that Craig brought home “star wars” (actually, Starburst candy), that we could see our breath in the cold winter air, that I let her watch “The Grinch” for the 64th time, and that Christmas, finally finally finally, is only two days away!

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