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from the dusty date files  
i miss the "adventures in dating" column. it reminded me of my own adventures. (yes, this is very short list. And yes, i didn't start dating until i was a senior in high school, so shut it.)

high school todd (may 1992 may 1993): my dad called him toad because he thought he was being funny. we went to senior prom so cute. we had a great relationship that lasted through our freshman year 3 hours apart (oh no, 3 hours!). then he broke up with me the day we started summer vacation. nice.

college magazine guy (fall 1993): I can't remember this guy's name - we wrote for the same magazine. we went out once he cooked me dinner at his house and he warmed up a loaf of garlic bread at 500 degrees for way too long. we did not eat the bread. we did not go out again.

boys i was in love with (college 1993-1994): track boy, mail boy, sally, dan, and andy. i didn't not date any of these boys for the small reason that they did not love me back.

kabob boy (fall 1994): was an editor at the UNCW newspaper, which i wrote for. he called and asked me to do a movie review. i said sure. he said he'd pick me up at 6:30 oh. a date. invited me over for kabobs after a couple dates. i ditched him to go out with another boy (see below). many years later, after i broke up with boy below, kabob boy's roommate asked me out. i obviously made quite an impression on that household.

oy vey (october 1994 october 1996): i have not the words. let's not go there on this one. but, interesting to note: i broke up with him on our 2-year anniversary. i also lit the bread basket on fire at the restaurant we were at. i like to point out that I broke up with him since it so rarely turns out that way for me. during this time i had a brief crush on this boy at the pool where I life guarded. i was so stoic and would say no every time he invited me somewhere. too bad i didn't realize what an ass my boyfriend was because i could've had a cool, nice, normal boyfriend. i was sooooooo 22.

october 1996 april 1997: i didn't date anyone for this whole time because i hated boys but i was in love with a guy named shad lopez. everyone knew this. even shad. even shad's girlfriend. i'd like to think i was that little knock around sister that cute guys have trailing them. i have a sneaking suspicion that it was a little more pathetic than that.

joe the sleeper (april 1997-may 1997): heh. shad introduced me to this one. sparks flew. this kid was always sleepy but he was cute and funny and a writer, so what did i care. he broke up with me at my best friends' wedding. you can read about it at Love Stinks.

june 1997 august 1998: moved to NYC and met/dated: todd synagogue (i pretended i was sick on our date and headed uptown to meet friends), harold the hebrew (kept calling me a meshugna shiksa a crazy, non-jewish woman. nice), michael (i was supposed to call him one night but i kept screwing up the number and he never believed me. but i really did try to call him) and edward (kept calling me for weeks and weeks but never asked me out. i even called the women that wrote "the rules" to ask them what to do. they said stick to my guns and don't ask him out!)

august 1998 meet wonderful, funny, kind and cute craig (after exhausting rich's list of single friends over lunch at daily soup, craig was the winner!!). craig fulfilled almost every requirement on my "list" which included stuff like had to have a college degree (cctober 1994-1996 debacle did not), could not have played flute in high school (joe the sleeper played the flute), had to like chips and salsa and could not already have a girlfriend that was important! when my roommate, faith, met craig, she secretly went home and wrote in her journal that we were so perfect for one another and she knew we'd get married. So we did in October 2000. yay!

and those are my adventures for you to share with the kids.

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