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Friday is Ecletic

Saw a guy in a sweatshirt that read "Hobo Sports" ... which got me thinking of a new reality show idea ... Celebrity Hobo Sports (like the Amazing Race, but hobo with Kathy Griffin, Paris Hilton, Mr. T., a former Monkee, et al. competing at train-hopping, trash-can fire builing, clues will be given in hobo signage, etc. - a cross-country, penniless adventure, madcap, celebrity-fueled hijinks.

Adina, last night I dreamed you told me that in Canada, job interviewers come to your home. That would really be something.

Two more death lyrics:
"Put my clarinet beneath my bed till I get back in town"

"Fly me to the moon, let me play amongst the stars
Let me see what life is like on Jupiter and Mars."

I have been given back my three-hole punch, but I guess I deserve it.

Early in my realtionship with Evan, like 14-15 years ago, I ran into him on Tate Street, in front of that weird grocery/convenience store on the corner of Walker. He was with a friend. Introducing me, Evan said "This is Blaine. He's amazing. This guy...(I was breathless with anticipation of a glittery compliment from our own silver fox -silver and foxy even in 1991) this guy ... smokes more than anyone I've ever met." That was that. That was my sparkling introduction. I think I nodded politely and went and bought a Coke and a Hershey bar. With almonds.

Speaking of smoking: At this office, everybody goes out to the loading dock to smoke and as we do so, we all are silent, looking out at the pavement as if it were the sea.

And speaking of the sea: Did you know that 9 out of 10 people who jump to their deaths from the Goldan Gate Bridge do so facing inland, towards the city and continent, rather than towards the vast Pacific? I find this fascinating. Looking towards life, even to the last.

I like to dress a little nicer than usual on Fridays. i'm sure this comes as no surprise to those that know me well. I've never understood the liberation that comes from wearing jeans to work. Slacks are so much more comfortable.

I just found out that they're re-making one of my favorite films - The Bad News Bears - it's gonna be so bad. I hope it doesn't muck up the availabilty of the original masterpiece. I love that movie so.

BTW, the winner of the suicide lyric contest was Pony. Thanks for playing. b.'s "I Can't Fight This Feeling" was a close runner-up, what with the "oompah chuka oompah chuka" sound fading off into the void as the writer shakes off his/her mortal coil.

Y'know the 'Moonwalk' at the state fair? That's what I sleep on every night. But without the other kids jumping around. It's so much better than a bed, but hard to get out of if you forget to brush your teeth.

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