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Oh Lord! Craig's List can be so beautiful!

No time to Starbuck! how sad!

*** FREE ROOMS OR SLEEPING SPACES (SOFA/Couches) PERMANENTLY, DO NOT PAY FOR ANYTHING, and this is not a hoax or a crap or creepy either, we have not been getting any acceptable responds at all because people think this is a joke or stint. No it is not. ***

Our homeowner is on vacation in Thailand and they sent us messages that they are so impressed with those millions of young European/Scandinavian/Russian students/Backpackers that arrive in Thailand daily for vacation ( Thailand is always the most popular tourist country in the world for European tourists )Unlike some spoiled fuzzy and picky Americans here, these all young Europeans are staying in thousands of guesthomes, under any conditions, and they are very happy and enjoy being there and many of them go to Thailand a few times before when they get a chance for vacationing. So the owner has told us that they will give a place in Washington, D.C., either a room or sleeping space or sofa for FREE. You do not need to pay for anything. All computers, high-speed internet, cable TV, all for free. Cook anything you want in the kitchen yourself. Just like those European Backpackers. We do not want any fuzzy or picky people. We want simple people that just only need a little place to sleep, study, doing your homework, spend 24 hours on unlimited highspeed internet, and enjoy your home cooking and cable TV.
The option of pay-to-live rooms is also available.
So is you are a kind of easy-living simple person, you maybe the one who get the room or space or a sofa to stay for free, and you can stay there PERMANENTLY for free as long as you like. WALK TO METRO, METROBUS (City bus) STOPS AT OUR FRONT DOOR taking you everywhere so you do not need to walk far. So write us today. Send Email to:

Also, please know that we are extremely very busy people with school and works and all, so we will get to know you online only, until we know exactly who you are online. Then we will show you the places. Do not even be thinking of inviting us to lunch or to a cup of Starbuck, we DO NOT have time for that. So let us see and know you online first, then we will go from there. Help us save our valuable time, it will be easier for both of us!!!

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