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Fantasy Honeymoon from a Boy's Perspective

I have been hard-pressed to think of ideas for this ever since I wrote about my fantasy wedding a few weeks back. I think K.M.'s suggestion of camping in a Nebraska pumpkin patch was pretty good, but that's more of a first date - ala Linus and Sally.

So, I've thought it through and decided that my perfect honeymoon would probably be an extended drive along Route 66 ("The Mother Road"), from Chicago to the Santa Monica pier. Predictable, I know. But the truth is that I would love it so much. Sooo much.

I used to want my honeymoon to be hiking the Appalachian Trail together, from Georgia to Maine, but then I started to get winded just thinking about it. Plus, you try taking 6 months off from work AND buying an engagement ring.

First, we'd rent a giant 1962 convertible of some kind, with huge bench seats and appropriate air conditioning and stereo. We'll load up on Cole Porter and Duke Ellington and Willie Nelson and Johnny Cash and Aretha Franklin and Emmylou Harris and Neko Case and Rcihard Buckner and tapes we find in gas stations along the road. We'll fill a cooler full of snacks and sodas. We'll feast on cheeseburgers, fountain Cherry Cokes and pie. We'll drive over the Chain of Rocks Bridge at the confluence of the Mississippi and Missouri Rivers. We'll see the Cadillac Ranch in Amarillo, TX. We'll eat at Ted Dewes Frozen Custard in St. Louis and the Rock Cafe in Stroud, OK. We'll see the Grand Canyon via the Grand Canyon Railway in Williams, AZ. We'll swim beneath the giant Blue Whale in Catoosa, OK. We'll see whatver's playing (and eat more snacks!) at the 66 Drive-In Theatre in Carthage, MO. We'll stay at places like the El Vado Motel (Albuquerque, NM) and the Twilite Motel (Flagstaff, AZ) and the Blue Swallow Motel (Tucumcari, NM) and the Wigwam Motel (with real wigwams! in Rialto, CA). We would drive slow and eat where we liked and stop when we wanted and talk to everyone we met. In California, we'd get a fabulous hotel near the beach and spend three days in bathrobes.

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