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Seven Months Ago

Seven months ago, I was working at this place and I wrote a bit on my blog about this guy there, my supervisor, sort of - though he never once told me what to do, but I switched the genders so that he was a she so that if anyone read it, they wouldn't know who I was talking about. The piece was all about my co-worker and how he/she would always spend several hours a day on the phone or acting frantic in someone else's office complaining about being sooo busy and how the demands of the job were sooo unrealistic. You could hear him/her all the time, always talking, mostly on the phone to friends, always complaining about his/her high-stress position, so stressful, in fact, that he/she had to take a two-hour lunch at least twice a week.

I quit that job. That guy called me up a little later on, after I'd left, and asked me to drinks. I went and he said he was thinking about me and that he had googled my blog and loved that piece in particular and wondered who it was about the whole time we were out. He laughed and laughed and said that he was sure it was about so and so, and I would say "no, not them."

I went home with him that night. It was the only time. I would have kept on for awhile, but he said that he had too much going on his life right now for anything like that. Things were too crazy. "That's cool," I said, and now we are friends. It only happened the one time. Afterwards, in bed, he had the lights pretty low and was playing this Simon & Garfunkel CD and when "April Come She Will" came on, he looked very sad, like he was remembering some deep loss, and sort of quietly half hummed/half sang along. It was sort of funny, but I kind of liked him for it. Oh well.

Now, at my new job, sometimes I will call him at work just to ask how he is doing and I will set my cellphone to stopwatch mode just to see how long he stays on the phone and talks about how crazy work is and his hectic life.

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