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Of Cartoons, Religion, and Stupidity

I have been known, on occasions of a little to drink, to proclaim that Christianity is nothing more than the worship of a Dead Jew on a Stick. If I could draw, I would make a cartoon of it. Sadly, you will have to use your imagination.

I have angered a few with this offhand comment. I'm still not sure why. It's a phrase, a simple one-off thought, a funny (to me and few others) way to overgeneralize a massive incomprehensible religion. Those people I offended have always had the right to boycott me if they so chose. No one ever has. They could also ask for an apology. Some have done this. They are still waiting, though I have always expressed regret that my little way of putting things put such a violent crimp in their belief system.

Religion is funny. Christianity is, at its very base, a Zombie faith. Christians worship, praise, and hopefully emulate a zombie so that he might send them to Heaven. It may be a symbol, but it is an easy symbol to mock. Judaism is easy to mock. Islam is easy to mock. And have I mentioned Ganesha, the Elephant-Headed God who rides a Mouse? Holy crap! Faith, my friends, is the easiest thing in the world to mock, yet ironically, should be the most secure, in light of its very nature, against the imaginary slings and arrows of mockery.

Anyway, a lot of fuss is being made about some cartoons that, supposedly, make fun of Muhammed (though I suspect it is the people protesting today who were the real butt of the joke). I am coming out in favor of these cartoons. So much so that I propose that we, as a world of disparate lunatic faiths, put down our swords and rocks and surface-to-air missiles, as well as our homemade, hidden, roadside explosive devices, and resolve to settle our differences with cartoons and jokes and humor. When I hear the furor caused over a few barely seen cartoons, I now realize that mockery can accomplish all that our weapons and suicide bombers cannot.

May the funniest nation/religion win!

Oh and P.S. - don't even try to come up with a difference between mean-spiritedness and humor, 'cause this is a war and if we have to tell mean jokes to win, well then, that's what we'll do!

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