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Executive Powers ceded by Congress & My Dream

(1). Just to make it clear, when Congress voted in October of 2001 to allow President Bush the power he needed to go after the terrorist menace, they were authorizing VP Dick Cheney to shoot anyone he damn well liked. It's so obvious. Read your Constitution. Therefore, anyone who finds VP Cheney's shooting of that poor elderly Texan to be funny or ironic or indicative of something deeper and darker than the Executive Branch doing its Constitutionally mandated duty is a terrorist and a defeatist.

(2). I'm sitting on a sofa with Keith. He's playing the opening riff of 'Satisfaction,' as a huge crowd goes mad many stories below (we're in tower, high above the thronging mass). Mick is strutting and singing and I've got the best seat in the house.

I start to wander and look out a window at a pond where there are floating bodies of drowned cattle. The window becomes like an aquarium and I can see the dead cows floating motionless from beneath the surface when someone claims, "They're not cows!" The previously dead cows slowly come to life, uncoiling underwater until it is obvious that they are massive sharks. One swims up to the window I'm at and starts to ram it with its head over and over, it's enormous toothy smile inches from my face. My brother has opened a window and is touching the shark's fin when I find an old invoice or official record on a desk. It documents two occasions; one in 1919 and one in 1926. Both papers have a Receiver signature which reads "Friend." Both also have a shark signature which reads "Sory" (sharks can't spell). It dawns on me that this shark has killed before (and signed off on it), twice, and I call to my brother to close the window when there's a crash and I'm awake.

Outside, there's a metallic zap/crash sound and a brillinat flash of light. I assume it's a spaceship and the sharks in the window in my dream were really aliens watching me sleep. They must have left in a hurry when I awoke, which explained the sound of metal and the flash of light. I fall back asleep thinking of aliens in the greenish light of a late night snowfall.

Turns out, in the night, a snow-covered branch fell on an electic line in my backyard, bringing the wire down onto the roof of the metal storage shed. Thus, the crackle and flash. No aliens.

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