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Joe Lieberman, in his concession speech last, used a sports analogy. He declared this primary as "half-time" and that his side ('Team Connecticut' - ahem) was losing to the Lamont team. But never fear, he isn't giving up:... "the old politics of partisan polarization won today. For the sake of our state, our country and my party, I cannot and will not let that result stand." (from Wonkette, "You hear that, Connecticut? Joe Lieberman will be your Senator whether you like it or not! It's for your own good.")

Partisan polarization? In a Democratic primary? Joe, you need at least two parties to have partisan warfare. A primary election is decided by one party.

And you lost. You lost because your Joe-mentum is a drag. You lost because you support an evil war - evil, in that many people are dying today for what were made-up causes and wrong-headed reasons. You lost because the President's delusion that all is well seems to have rubbed off on you, so much so that even having lost last night to man no one even knew six months ago, you persist in thinking that this isn't over, that it's only half-time, that you can still win.

Joe (I will no longer refer to you as Senator), to continue your own concession speech sports analogy a little further:

The game is over. The stands are empty. One lonely ex-Senator, ex-Vice Presidential candidate remains on the darkened field. He rushes towards the corner and darts back toward midfield, evading imaginary tacklers, dives into the end-zone with a roll and a flourish. The imaginary crowd goes wild. Joe-mentum lives.


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