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A Very Cold Place That Had Worse Feelings - quotations from ghost stories

"Fletchertown Road has long been the subject of the story of the "Goat Man". Said to have escaped from the nearby Dept. of Agriculture Research Center and been an experiment gone horribly wrong involving breeding of humans and animals. The Goat Man is said to have murdered and eaten it's victims in the 1950's and 60's. The Goat Man continues to be a favorite ghost story among campfires in this area. In the 1990's Fletchertown Road was widened and many new housing developments sprung up in the area. The original road was one lane and heavily wooded. There were reports in the 1970's of a half man/half animal being spotted on the sides of the road, with red eyes and tattered clothing stained with blood."

"if you come 12.00pm you can see ghost dogs and a man."

"if you circle the cemetery three times on the third time fog will come rolling in and you will hear a little girls start to laugh."

"The road, the golf coarse is haunted by a black-cloaked figure who chased others at one time. This cloaked figure is evil and dangerous."

"You go in the woods past the 3rd baseball field and you'll see a slanted tree where the witch was buried and escaped in the 1800's never to be seen again now it is rumored that on Halloween if you go deep enough into the woods you can see the bodies of the people the witch got hanging from trees."

"When you find a house and you go down to the basement the witch kills you."

"A ghostly woman can sometimes be seen in the attic window with a candle waiting for her soldier to come home from the war---he never does. Late at night you can sometimes see slaves hanging from the trees. The family cemetery is located directly behind the house. It has been said that although there is no electricity in the house, now, if an intruder enters, lights will turn on. There are so many spirits not at rest here."

"Reports of weird feelings are felt on the first floor"

"This was a very cold place that had worse feelings."

"No one knows the story of the tombstone in the middle of the woods, but no one dares to get close enough to investigate."

"People also seem to have an overall fear of the basement."

"Reports of a man in all black with a white face has been seen by many kids. Names can be listed but, there?s many of them to this day they still think that there is a man so called the "TRACKTER MAN". There?s has also reports of things that has belonged to him. There's many complaints that people hear there door bells ringing and no one is at the door waiting these houses are near the woods that he has been seen in."

"Heart beat bridge - Years ago, at the house across from the bridge, a man cut out a woman's heart and threw it into a stream by the bridge. To this day, if you go there, and turn off your engine ... you can still hear her heart beat. Off of Bonnie Branch Road"

"Hell House - The building was founded in 1866 and it's main building was erected in 1868. It is actually in Ilchester, MD not too far from Ellicott City. It is said that it was a catholic all girls school and the cardinal had impure thoughts which he took out on 5 nuns. A nun came foward and told the archbishop and the cardinal had to leave. The nuns were later killed and place above an inverted pentegram. Later more girls and nuns died and the school was closed down in 1972. Some say that the nuns at the school were practicing satanic rituals and some say that the cardinal came back to get his revenge. Unfortunately, the school burned down Halloween night in 1997 and authorites still do not know the cause of the fire. Some people have heard screams, girls laughing, and have seen a strange shadowy figure on the premises. There are tunnels underneathwith drawings in red of pentegrams and other markings. - A note to all who go, be careful because the building is no longer stable."

"people have told stories on hearing noises but nothing there....that means there are ghosts!! it is located by the dough boy"

"beware of floating objects and ghostly appearances. Also for the Guards at the front gate with guns."

"In the nights there are ghosts seen in the girls' dorm - Barry Hall -on the 2nd floor and 1 is reputed to be evil and was called Mary Walker and it turned out she did exist back in the 1800s as she is interred at the nearby cemetery that is up the road from the school and if the girls was in a room by herself or with another girl and they go around and around and signing "Mary Walker" 50 or 100 times, it is said that her face would appear in the mirror as you looked into the mirror and would see a face so evil and hair of snakes moving and you would get scared more by the shade being opened by itself"

"Mysteriously the room was steamy and the words "Hitch A Ride" were faintly etched on the mirror."

"During the construction of building 26 many human bones were found almost in a line but also in a circle."

"always feels like someone is watching you in the atrium! A strange fire in a trailer just outside of the bldg!"

"The woman is silk and the moon shiner haunt this building."

"A former patron of this Irish Pub who died in a slip down the basement stairs is rumored to be seen sitting in his regular stool. The former patron was called Uncle Buck for his resemblance to John Candy's character in said movie."

"air bubbles float to the surface of the water where every year, for many years now, a child has drowned."

"An old shut down mental hospital and insane asylum, Multiple buildings, Its almost like a full neighborhood, but with institutes everywhere. Some buildings are still in use by the army, which is odd. Many things scattered throughout the buildings, Voices heard, tracks made on floor in water or something wet, dolls hanging from ceilings that are too high to reach. Dead animals, and a strange fog that sometimes you cant even see through until you are a few floors up in the buildings, various other scary things, a famous candy maker occupied this place, This is known due to the tombstone in a cemetery there that lists everyone?s name who died there."

"Hanging Tree - It is believed that slaves were hung from the 'hanging tree'. When you sit under the tree with your car off, you will begin to hear and see the dead. It has been reported to hear the bodies drop onto your car from the branch in which they were hung by."

"If you go there after dark you can hear distinctively babies crying."

"There is a tombstone in Rocky Hill Cemetery that bleeds."

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