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Three Updated Ghost Tales for Contemporary Times

(these stories are all original compositions - if anyone else has a good contemporary ghost story, please send them my way)

The Weird Office
There is an office building in my city. No one knows what happened there, but everyone who works there reports the same general feeling of dread and malaise almost everyday. Many workers also complain that the building is kept too cold, while others feel that it is too hot.

The Girls (Gone Wild) on the Bridge
There is a bridge near Fort Lauderdale, FL where, late at night, a driver may see two beautiful young co-eds hitchhiking. If you pull over, they will say that they need a ride to "Spring Break." Once in the backseat of the car, they begin making out, flashing their breasts and talking about their shaved pubic regions. They will proposition you. However, the minute you pull over to get some of that young Doublemint action, they are gone into thin air. Thin air, people!

It is said that these girls died six years ago in a drunk driving accident on their way to spring break. Their spiriits will never rest, since they never got to get drunk and act like a drunken whore in front of 20 or so handheld video cameras.

The Eerie Chilli's on Gallows Road
Among the office parks of Tyson's Corner, VA, just over the Potomac River from Washington, DC, there is a well-travelled corridor known as Gallow's Road. You can imagine how the road got its name, as advance Confederate scouts would hide along this path during the outset of the Civil War and capture Union spies. There is a spot that served as a makeshift prison and hanging ground. Many of the hanged were allegedly left unburied and some claim that the Confederate scouts were so horribly inhuman that they would cook and eat the flesh of their victims.

Today, that spot houses a Chilli's restaurant. It is said, however, that the food there is mysteriously bad.

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