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More BBQ Discussion Fodder

As a North Carolinian, I would like to add a little to the record of the great BBQ discussion that occasionally flares up 'round here. I ate Smithfield BBQ on Christmas Eve, along with hush puppies, fried chicken, Brunswick stew, and boiled potatoes. Several hours later, I threw up. Not bad, but I don't throw up much and I hate it.

Now, I have a high pork tolerance. My family roasts a whole pig the day after Thanksgiving. In fact, we do it several times a year. I grew up picking my pork off of a pig with the head still on - sauce on the side. And yes, it was vinegar based.

So, why did I get sick? My theory is dessert. I didn't have any. I am accustomed to finishing off my BBQ meal with a giant styrofoam container of banana pudding. Smithfield BBQ had banana pudding, but truth be told, it looked like it was made from instant, if you get my drift. I would rather go without than eat bottom shelf 'nana puddin'. So, according to my theory, without a thick 'Niolla Wafer coating, my stomach was just in no mood for all that greasy pork and chicken skin.

In all seriousness, I am deeply troubled by Smithfield's fast-food aesthetic. Deeply troubled. And I do believe it was their high-production, cost cutting ways that made me sick.

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