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A homeless guy here in DC found a human skull in the woods near the Catholic University softball fields. Supposedly, it was wearing a blue baseball cap. Huh.

This homeless guy showed up in the parking lot of the 7-11 with the skull in a plastic CVS bag, showing it to people as they came and went. Then he unceremoniously threw it in the dumpster and disappeared. A witness says this: ""We were asking him: 'Why do you have a head in a bag?' "

Cops with dogs found the headless remains, along with some rope, leading some to ponder suicide. Hanging? Really? First, how long do they suppose this body hung there in the woods, undiscovered, gently swaying in breeze, bloating and decomposing with the changing seasons as the rope slowly rots away? Second, who wears a baseball cap when committing suicide? It just seems a tad jaunty to me.

Also, on the jaunty skeletal remains tip, local residents of Conowingo, MD found a human skull and some bones in a black cauldron in the woods a couple of weeks ago. Totally witchy, dude!! There was a second cauldron too, filled with assorted human and animal bones, a plastic skull, and some other crap.

Some in the area are saying that these recent findings suggeast the return of Lord Voldemort. Others (see Wonkette) think that Dick Cheney is on a feeding rampage.

Me...I just like this spooky stuff so much. So very much.

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