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"Dr. Everything'll be alright"
"Dr. Everything'll be alright"

Max Fish
178 Ludlow Street
Lower East Side

"Cheap Art: Max Schumann and Dale Wittig"
On exhibit throughout September.

Max Fisher supports local artists, musicians and visual artist alike. This nook in the lower east side opens at 5:30 pm and entertains you until 4:00 am. The works up now are in support of the exhibition for September with Taxter & Spengemann regular, Max Schumann along with Dave Wittig. Having just stumbled into the place I have not yet seen the work of the other contributing artist, Wittig (free agent?).

Nailed directly to the walls Schumann's Cardboard pieces glow with the vitality and soul of wood. The resonating energies draw you to these scrawled images. These panels have an almost graphic appeal. Like photos from the Post they're her to report, the repetitive images tell a story not just with the written and omitted texts ( adding to the imagery) but in there display as story boards. Reciting/ describing current events made personal through their mark making and their size. The largest piece 18" x 24" has its own personal relationship with each viewer like holding a newspaper would. I am reminded of Raymond Pettibon as if done by Anselm Kiefer. This sign of the times is a mirror of what is around us everyday, except here it is nicely out of place aesthetically, but melds with the austere rustic feel of this lower east side environment. This small snapshot of expression of our times is perfectly in balance by the spectacle that is "ROCKY" projected 5' x 4' next to the first works. If the pinball machine was ringing out, it's bells echoing onto Ludlow, it would be all the more perfect a setting. I will return here (and advise all others to pay Max Fisher a visit) and have a look around for the next show. As I sign off Prince begins to play.
" Electric word Life."

"It means forever... and that's a mighty long time."

Taxter & Spengemann- 504 W22nd St., (NY)(NY) 10011