ornithopter: Pete Doherty Can Get Arrested In Any Town He Wants To, Thank You Very Much

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Since I'm doing double duty while actually having to work as well, I am going to be a jerk and reprint something that has been published elsewhere. I am guessing more people may read it here, however:

Pete Doherty has been arrested so many times in the last few years, it would seem that the most recent arrest in Sweden at the Hultsfred festival, which only netted him a $1,900.00 fine, may not even register in that giant British head of his.
To try to rattle off each and every arrest would be a bit redundant, so we'll just go with the highlights:

July 25, 2003:

Soon after being asked to leave the Libertines because of his various drug addictions, Doherty broke into ex-bandmate Carl Barat's apartment in "a highly emotional and drug-befuddled state," by breaking down the door and stealing various expensive possessions.
And so, Babyshambles was born, a mewling, spewing bastard trainwreck of a band.
Doherty was sentenced to prison for six months for this incident. The sentence was later reduced to 2 months on appeal. For some reason, they let him back into the Libertines upon his release. This guy must be one smooth talker.

September 1st 2004:

Doherty is given a four month suspended sentence for possession of a switchblade.
He arrived for sentencing Michael Jackson style, playing guitar through the roof of a car and later told the press he was declared "Innocent. What about the Magna Carta? Did she die in vain?" Ummm...

Feb 3rd 2005:

Doherty spends several days in prison after not being able to come up with the 150,000 pound bail for allegedly assaulting filmmaker Max Carlish who claimed to be making a documentary about our boy Pete. That movie could go either way, really. Either completely fascinating, or totally boring and incoherent. Hope he's got a good editor. And a good lawyer. The charges are eventually dropped, however.

October 2nd 2005:

On the heels of the "Cocaine Kate" incident, Doherty is (again) arrested for possession after the Babyshambles tour bus is raided by the police. Charges are eventually dropped. How inept are the British police that they can't even convict Pete Doherty, of all people, for drug possession? Doherty is arrested again one week after these charges were dropped.

January 27th 2006:

Our boy is remanded to police custody for 2 weeks after being arrested THREE TIMES the previous day on suspicion of possessing drugs. Way to go, Pete! If at first you don't succeed and all that. Also, if you're arresting this guy on "suspicion" of possessing drugs, how does he even leave the house? I suspect he is in possession of drugs right now, and I'm just sitting here typing. But I'll bet you dollars to donuts I'm right. I am totally, like, psychic or something.

February 27th 2006:

Ok, now this is starting to get boring. Pete is arrested for...wait for it...possession of drugs. Oh, and also stealing a car, just to spice things up, I guess.

Blah, blah, blah, arrest for possession, blah blah, arrested after photos of Pete shooting up a groupie are published in a Fleet Street rag, blah blah blah, the latest incident in Sweden.
Whew. And the guy is only 27. Although if you have a death pool going with your pals (as you do,) I'd say the boy is cash money.

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greenpoint underpants update president and vice president ‘08

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