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About a year ago Awais asked his dad, "when I am a grown up man, will I pick up ladies?"

I was there when he asked and with Awais, looked at Asad expectantly.

Asad- startled (but I thought, not uncommonly so because the subject matter of Awais' questions always seem to come out of no where) says

"what did you ask me?!"

Awais repeats his question. Asad looks to me for help, I figured this was an easy one, and kept quiet.

"Um, honey, you don't have to worry about that right now, let's get some breakfast".

This time I was confused. But then I understood the question- because I've got such a groovy close relationship with our son, but mostly because I watch the same cartoons as he does.

"You mean pick up a woman and spin her around? Or carry her in your arms, the way I carry you?", I asked him (but really to clarify for Asad, what the kid meant).

"Yes!" Awais pretends to swing a "lady" in an imaginary arc up towards the ceiling. He spins in his socks on the hardwood floor and falls down.

From the floor he asks, "is that what I will do when I am a man?".

I tell him "Sure, baby! Absolutely. If you want. You're going to grow up to be so strong, you could pick up any lady you want . . . um . . . as long as she doesn't mind you doing that."

"You'll be so strong you could even pick up your mom!" (This from Asad, now on the same page).

Awais laughs with amazement and asks "when I am a man, I will get to go to work?".

"Oh yeah!" (again from Asad) "And you can be anything you want to be, too!".

"And you'll get to drive a car!" I chime in, trying to think of all the good things about being a grown up.

"And I will be hairy, too", he asks excitedly, "All over?!"

"Lot's of hair", we assure him.

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