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two years ago today- part 1

Today is my sister, Amy's birthday. We celebrated it yesterday. I gave her thirty or so flower bulbs. I was thinking how beautiful her garden will be next spring. I'd forgotten that each bulb has to be planted separately 6 to 8 inches in the ground, preferably after the first autumn frost.

Two years ago, Amy was working at my family's convenience store/gas station, she's the manager. The previous night's second shift employee had decorated the store with "Happy Birthday Amy!" balloons and banners.

Amy's got a little black and white t.v. set at the store, but normally doesn't turn it on till late in the afternoon for "Judge Judy". That morning, she turned on the t.v. and a crowd gathered. Other people continued to come in and out of the store, buying smokes and gas- some staying to watch the little t.v. and some just making their purchases and moving on. Amy continued to man the register. After a little while, she took down the balloons.

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