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2 is the magic number
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I Am The 53%.
Math is for Liberal Arts Students

I work one job. I usually wind up arriving about an hour late and I take an hour for lunch and I leave right at 5:30. The pay is pretty good, for all that. If I worked a little harder, I'd probably get a raise.

I get 21 vacation days a year.

I've got health insurance. It's awesome. You should totally try to get some if you can, and I encourage you not to get in the way of other people getting it, as well.

I expect nothing to be handed to me, but that doesn't stop people from handing it to me. I see nothing wrong with asking for it to be handed around a little bit more equitably.

I am the 53%. But I am also part of the 99%. My liberal arts education taught me how to do math, after all. The 1% doesn't like us, and they do everything to take our money, and to evade any responsibility for what they've done.

I am the 99%, but I don't hate capitalism. I just bought an iPhone 4S. I've also got an iPad 2, but I've chosen to write this on my iMac because I like the full keyboard. You've probably seen me standing in line to get into an overly trendy restaurant. I live in Brooklyn.

I am the 99%, and what I hate is the so-called capitalists in the 1% who think they owe nothing to us and we owe everything to them. The ones who can't get by without government bailouts, without wrecking the economy through their incompetence, and who expect the 99% and the 53% to clean it all up for them without mussing up their hair. And expect to get bonuses while they do it.

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