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Punchstarter: A Kickstarter for Passive-Aggression
 Kickstarter is one of the big new success stories of Web 3.0. If you've never seen it before, it's at its core a crowd-funding mechanism to raise money via social media, your friends, and the friends of your friends. You create a page, laying out your fundraising goals, what you're intending to use the money for, and what you'll give your donors in return. It lets people essentially sell their product before it's even produced.

And it can be big money. Amanda Palmer raised over $1,000,000 to record her next album. It can also get you small money; a friend of mine raised a couple hundred dollars for equipment to record an album on his own. The scope can be as wide or as narrow as you'd like. It's a true success story: people helping each other out, increasing the total happiness in the world.

And that's what's wrong. Because some people shouldn't be so fucking happy all the time. Some people are assholes and they need to be told that they're assholes. Modern society coddles people--they can get into their little niches and find people who accept them for the shitty little people that they are.

That's why I'm launching Punchstarter, a fundraising mechanism to raise money via social media for antisocial purposes. You create a page, lay out your fundraising goals, let us know who you're intending to use the money to tell off, and people will flock to help you out in your passive-aggressive purposes.

For instance, my first Punchstarter project will be to raise money to buy sets of headphones to issue to people on the subway who listen to their shitty iPhone clone on speakers rather than keeping it to themselves. Each $10 will buy one set of headphones for an inconsiderate douchebag. Money given in addition to that will be used to pay for hospital bills and legal costs accrued in the process of issuing the headphones to the inconsiderate douchebags.

The sky's the limit for Punchstarter. Plenty of people need to be told off. And now there's a funding platform for all your antisocial passive-aggressive projects.

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