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Star Trek: The Next and Current Generation

Over the weekend, I came up with a new direction for the rebooted Star Trek franchise: it should be a Star Trek: The Next Generation reboot, taking place 100 years after the first two movies, but still staring the reboot cast as well.

Here's how we do that: Khan's blood having miraculous healing powers--which was just kind of hand-waved at the end of the second movie even though it is basically the biggest thing that would have happened to humanity ever--has turned out to be the biggest thing that has happened to humanity ever. The fact that disease and death has been eradicated or at least drastically reduced has turned the Federation relentlessly expansionist--the blood indefinitely prolongs the lives of humans, people stop dying or even getting sick or aging.

Now the Star Trek franchises can really boldly go in new territories and have many great action scenes as the huge boost in population growth forces the Federation to relentlessly fight for new resources and planets to house their population, especially without the Vulcan empire to moderate them (and action scenes rather than exploration seems to be what the producers of the New Trek really seem to want).

The Federation can be at war with both the Romulans and the Klingons, and start relentless pushing out into all the quadrants. The original cast of the reboot is kept young by this, except, sorry Spock, you're back to being played by Leonard Nimoy--except this time it's Leonard Nimoy playing the New Spock grown old, rather than old Spock encountering New Spock--and new young hot versions of ST:TNG characters are now in the mix.

A villain? A plot? Well, that's for screenwriters. But sure, just as a suggestion, why not go back to the Borg well again. As the Federation pushes out into the Delta Quadrant and encounters the Borg, the Borg themselves are revitalized by kidnapping and assimilating humans and their technology and start pushing into the Alpha Quadrant. Or the Federation can just push up against a Warsaw Pact of Klingons, Romulans, Cardassians, and all the other races of the Star Trek universe who would presumably object to humans over-populating the galaxy.

And here's a cast list for Star Trek: TNG reboot.

  • Captain Jean-Luc Picard - Tom Hardy
  • Commander William T. Riker - Jake Gyllenhal
  • Lt. Commander Geordi La Forge - Donald Glover
  • Lieutenant Worf - No Worf. He's Klingon. No place for Klingons here.
  • Counselor Deanna Troi -Frieda Pinto
  • Lt. Commander Data - Tom Hiddleston
  • Dr. Beverly Crusher - Jessica Chastain
  • Enterprise Computer Voice - Felicia Day
  • Wesley Crusher - Joseph Gordon Levitt

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