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I Keep Thinking Today is Friday Random Ten (2/2/06)
  1. "Dance Music" by The Mountain Goats, from The Sunset Tree
    10/10 - I don't really listen to dance music, because I don't dance much, and when I do, it is bad. But this song is just great. In concert, John Darnielle sometimes introduces this as "This is a song about God's plan for all of us."
  2. "Rock and Roll" by The Velvet Underground, from Loaded
    10/10 - Weird to hear this without "Sweet Jane" right in front of it, since the two are indelibly linked in my mind, but...well, crap. What I could have said about "Dance Music" fits here as well--this is surely one of the greatest and least pretentious songs about why rock and roll is awesome. (Also, huh, two songs about the healing power of music in a row).
  3. "Apology Song" by The Decemberists, from 5 Songs EP
    7/10 - Oops. I borrowed your bike, Madeleine, and it got stolen. Guess I better write a silly song about it and see if that makes it better. (apparently, this song makes Honky feel like a bad-ass).
  4. "There is a Boy That Never Goes Out" by The Lucksmiths, from Naturaliste
    9/10 - A friend of mine will be angry with me for this--he occasionally hordes great music, giving it to you when he thinks you're ready for it, always trying to make sure not too many of the wrong people find out about it and the band becomes popular. He held onto this one for nearly a month, hinting that he heard this great new band and that he was preparing to let me know about it. He was right (if a bit weird about it)--this is a great song: "I've woken up on one too many floors, But my favourite was yours."
  5. "Drug Test " by Yo La Tengo , from President Yo La Tengo
    9/10 - This is not the kind and sensitive Yo La Tengo of their more recent albums--in fact, if you know them from recent releases, you might not recognize this as them at all. It's the type of song you turn up--not so you can hear it over the noise of the coming subway, but because you want it to overwhelm you.
  6. "The Sad Punk" by The Pixies, from Trompe Le Monde
    4/10 - Trompe Le Monde is a much maligned album by the Pixies. Come on, it's got "Head On" and "Bird Dream of Olympus Mons" on it! It's awesome! Except a couple songs like "The Sad Punk." God, I can't stand this song
  7. "Dink's Song (The Minnesota Tape)" by Bob Dylan, from No Direction Home
    10/10 - Hoooooooo god is this song good! And "No Direction Home" is definitely worth a viewing or two. The only problem I had with the movie is that I kept wanting to stop it so I could go listen to more Dylan.
  8. "Feeling Yourself Disintegrate" by The Flaming Lips, from The Soft Bulletin
    8/10 - Warning--this song will mess you up if you listen to it alone after 12 straight hours of drinking. You might actually wonder if you're feeling yourself disintegrate--that would explain why you can't feel your legs anymore. Oh god, won't someone save me???
  9. "Giant Spiders " by Devin Davis , from Lonely People of the World Unite
    8/10 - Loopy, jangly, more Guided by Voices than David Bowie (the singer of the only other notable spider related music), with a little "Baba O'Riley" feeling to it. Good stuff
  10. "The Good Times are Killing Me" by Modest Mouse, from Good News for People Who Love Bad News
    6/10 - Wow, I burnt out on this CD faster than I thought possible. Remember that three hour period where this was the only thing you listened to? Yeah, that was awesome.
8.1/10 - Great week. Good way for me to get back into the swing of it. Sorry for taking two weeks off.

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