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In Costa Rica...

...the currency is the Colon.

As you can imagine, it's pretty shitty.

Thank you folks, I'm here all week!

So It Goes...

My pretties, I must apologize for being so quiet recently. I've gone through something of a Kilgore Trout phase–all wacky ideas and shitty writing. Whatev. Try again, fail again, fail better.

I Don't Want to Jump to Conclusions, But...

A couple of weeks ago, on a Saturday night/Sunday morning we woke up to hear our downstairs neighbor weeping. There might even have been some gnashing of teeth. The next day, Beck's Sea Change album was played at a volume previously reserved for the space shuttle taking off. The smell of cigarette smoke, which we could only smell on certain nights when we could hear she had company, seems to have vanished entirely.

Draw your own conclusions.

By Any Other Name...

There is no term for a significant type of relationship here on this planet. We seriously need a word for "the woman I live with and am in love with and intend to spend a long period of time with" that's stronger than "girlfriend." I see why "partner" is the preferred nomenclature for this for some people, though it completely lacks style and reduces the relationship into business-speak.

But a relationship isn't a place for synergizing a new romance-based paradigm. "Lover" is inelegant because it's been reduced to people having affairs and transformed into what you call that person you sleep with after too many mai tais. If it hadn't been debased so much, maybe it'd be the place to go.

I'm proposing, "inamorata" take its place, though it's not ideal–there's a bit too much pretension in it. But until something else comes along, that's what I'm going with.

Friday Random Ten

  1. "California " by Phantom Planet, from Phantom Planet Was Here
    7/10 - Giff and I have started watching The O.C. all the way through on DVD, so I have literally no clue as to the quality of this song anymore. I will note that Ira Glass (who is Ira Glass, you may ask? Get thee away from me!) noted in an episode of This American Life (see, that answers your question) that he and his wife not only watch the show, but sing along at the top of their voices when the credits come on.
  2. "California Dreamin" by The Mamas And the Papas, from every movie or soundtrack that remotely has anything to do with the 60s.
    6/10 - Overexposed.
  3. "All of California and Everyone Who Lives There Stinks" by World Inferno Friendship Society, from East Coast super Sound Punk of Today
    5/10 - At least, that's what I've heard.
  4. "California Sun" by The Ramones, from Leave Home
    7/10 - Even more lively than the original by the Rivieras, the Ramones almost sound musically talented in this cover. Don't worry. They still rock.
  5. "California Ueber Alles" by the Dead Kennedys, from no thanks! the 70s punk rebellion
    8/10 - Any song with the lines: " It's the suede denim secret police / They have come for your uncool niece" starts off with a 7, by default.
  6. "California Stars" by Billy Bragg and Wilco, from Mermaid Avenue
    10/10 - Only "Remember the Mountain Bed" challenges this song in terms of awesomeness, off these albums. You know, that Woody Guthrie could write a song.
  7. "California" by Joni Mitchell, from Blue
    9/10 - Apparently, Third Eye Blind had an album by the name of Blue. Also apparently, I still had MP3s off of it from college. [click, click, click] This is not a problem that I have anymore. Ugh. Seriously. Third Eye Blind???
  8. "California One Youth and Beauty Brigade" by The Decemberists, from Castaways and Cut-Outs
    6/10 - Yeah, it's pretty. It's also 10 minutes too long.
  9. "California Song" by The Mountain Goats, from Sweden
    7/10 - Because a Random Ten isn't complete without a song from the Mountain Goats–my favorite band (seriously, see My page for proof) and host of five or six of my favorite concerts ever. Like last Friday, with 300 people crammed into a space the size of my apartment, raising the temperature up to at least 90 degrees and rocking our fucking socks off. The song wasn't played, but it damn well could have been (consisting as the concert did mostly of stuff from Sweden and Ghana, not to mention an Extra Glenns set with Franklin Bruno.
  10. "Going to California" by Led Zeppelin, from IV (aka ZOSO)
    9/10 - I've said it before, but I'll say it again. Nearly every guy goes through a Led Zeppelin phase at some point in their life. Hopefully, you get out of it without too much horrific damage. And, if you manage to survive, you'll have some pretty awesome songs memorized that you'll never ever be able to play no matter how many guitar lessons you take.

Pop Quiz.
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