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I Love Fargo/Why I Moved Away From Fargo
I have saved this letter to the editor for nearly a decade, because it is awesome

From the Fargo Forum, Saturday, August 7th, 1999


In reply to Ross Nelson's letter in the July 27 Forum about making another gadget for planes to keep them from dropping out of the sky: What happened to John Kennedy Jr. and a few others, no instrument could have possibly saved them.

Just a few weeks ago it was reported that a 747 jet dropped some 500 feet on a clear day. If that plane would have been only 400 feet above the ground—you guessed it.

People just have to start to learn to respect law, pure and simple.

You see, almighty God gave us 10 Commandments to live by (and I promise you, it is those commandments that we will answer to on judgement day), and when he created the Earth, he put four fundamental laws (there is that word again) to govern.

Breaking the speed of sound is a law. And doing that through the stratosphere puts the infancy of the weather patterns in rings and ripples and creates all kinds of erratic weather. Both air and water are fluids and once in motion they have a tendency to stay in motion. Any person who has spent even a day by water can see the similarities by simply looking up at the clouds. And are clouds are the telltale signs of our disturbing nature because we broke one of its laws. And you can see rings, ripples, dimples and mighty scary-looking cloud formations at times.

Approximately seven weeks after a rocket blast, the shock rings start hitting the Earth. It was seven weeks and one day after the Discovery shuttle launch that Kennedy hit a giant air whirlpool. Other areas had major flooding, hail, and crazy winds. The next major storms (from our stupidity in space) will start after the 10th of September and then every so many hours someone will get rain and storms again.

Our area is in a few-day shock ring, as it rained with devastating looking clouds on July 22, 25 and 27. There will be more. In time the weather patterns do settle out, just like the ripples settle after you throw an object in a still pond of water.

People just don't respect almighty God and his laws, and until we start doing that, two things are inevitable: one, life here on Earth will be a nightmare; two, we will never see the kingdom of heaven because it is written that almighty God can not stand ignorance and stupidity.
-Milo Buchhoz
Fingal, ND

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