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And You Will Know My Name is Nick Fury When I Lay My Vengence Upon Thee
Okay, so I know that there are many more serious things going on right now, like shit in the Middle East, and in Congress, and planes floating down the Hudson River and shit like that, but I don't have anything to add about that--nothing new, at least. This is not my area of expertise.

But I do know something about comic books, especially Marvel comics, so when Marvel seems to be saying, "Oh, that's okay, we don't need Samuel L. Jackson for our new movies about the Avengers, that's okay. He's too expensive," I know enough to say, Marvel, you fucking well do need Samuel L. Jackson here, and if it seems like he's in a stronger bargaining position than you are, that's your own damn fault. If you hadn't stated in your Ultimate Comics that Nick Fury looks like Samuel L. Jackson, literally writing in the comics that Samuel L. Jackson should play Nick Fury, and announced to fans that Nick Fury was patterned after Samuel L. Jackson, you might be in a slightly better bargaining position. If you hadn't actually cast him as Nick Fury in Iron Man, in an easter egg scene that audiences FUCKING CHEERED FOR, you might have a point.

This bad motherfucker has the upper hand, here.

So pay the man his money. There is no such thing as too much money; he can't be asking too much, anyway. This is, after all, a man who was in Snakes on a Plane, and he can't be too goddamn proud, since he took acting instructions from George Lucas. Which is just an excuse for me to post this comic, courtesy of Medium Large.

We fans of Marvel Comics will take a lot. We can accept switching out Dolph Lundgren with Thomas Jane with Ray Stevenson, for the Punisher. With the Punisher, it doesn't really matter who plays him, but what the Punisher does (those movies, all three of them, still suck, but it's not really the actors' fault that they suck). We put up with Civil War. We survived the 1990s. We've accepted Rob Liefeld as an artist, for fuck's sake!

But Samuel L. Jackson, on top of being one of the coolest, most beloved-by-geek actors out there, is the guy you've been planning on casting in this role since before you even became a filmmaking company. We will accept nothing less.

Suck it up and do the right thing.

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