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Every little bit will help.

I was going to make this about that time Gerald Ford's administration wanted to tap me for service as a pilot for Airforce One.  But that story didn't end so nicely when they discovered I was only ten.

Then there's the infamous and problematic photographic insinuation that there was something going on between my sister and me.  Totally unfounded though it was, the story gained momentum simply because my mustache dictated it be so.

But this really needs to be about me hounding  you for money to donate to the NC Children's Hospital.  Money raised helps provide equipment and services to battle all manner of horrible things visited upon childrens' health. 

C'mon.  You know you wanna help out.  Make a donation and copy me with a link to your confirmation and I'll send you illicit photographs of my moustache personalized for your pleasure.  No, really.  I'll take pictures of my mustache in compromising positions that will guarantee you the price of admission.  No donations are too small to help out.

3 weeks growth -  1 week to go.  Totally PG shot of my mustache, which to my chagrin, wishes to be called Butch.

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