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Spider-Man: The Musical (scene 1 - first draft)

I just got bit by a radioactive spider.
That was a radioactive spider.
This spider may give me new powers!

Powers that are mysterious and exciting.
Powers that are interesting and enticing.

Powers that might make me a... SPIDER MAN!
(he will be a spider man. he will be a spider man.)

I could be a Spider Man.
I should be a Spider Man.

Walking up walls and hanging from ceilings.
I will have new found spider feelings.

(Will you spin webs?)
(Will you catch flies?)

I will be a spider man! I will be a spider man!

(Will you fight crime?)
(Will you save our city?)

I will be a spider man! I will be a spider man!

(Will you get the girl?)
(Will she fall in love?)

Get the girl? You mean Mary Jane?

(Will you get the girl?)
(Will she fall in love?)

(Will you get the girl?)
(Will she fall in love?)

Would Mary Jane love a spider man?
Just a run-of-the-mill spider man?

I love that you designed the poster and everything.
You *should* be a spider-man!
»pony ||  8/12/2010 ||  10:08:10 AM
Awesome. I'm reserving tickets, seriously.
»jb ||  8/12/2010 ||  12:36:25 PM

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