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Americans Have Spoken!

Americans Have Spoken!
Last week while eating a sandwich and reading the news, I kept coming across quotes from Republican politicians who were all excited about Americans ‘speaking’ and giving the president some sort of message.

I wondered that those exact numbers were, so I cranked up the internets and ran some numbers.
The population of this country is +/-300 million.
230 million people are approximately voting age.
The estimated voter turnout for this election is 90 million people.

Basically, only a third of the possible voters are voting and we’re divided in half basically so maybe 45 million split between the Red and the Blue. Is my math right so far?
Harnessing the power of my public school math education I think we are looking at 20% of the voting public spoke.

From this point on, when referring to the 2010 midterm elections, Republicans should not state “Americans have spoken” but “20% of Americans have spoken”.
(or 15% of all Americans (counting children and the other yahoos))

Riled Up
This whole low voter turnout thing riles me up. That said, after listening to exit-poll interviews last week, I am not sure the people who are voting are that capable. They should all just stay home and just go back to voting on American Idol (which we as a country apparently LOVE to do).

Speaking of riled up, the whole Cablevision vs. Fox fight from a while ago (where Fox wanted to raise their prices and Cablevision didn’t want to pay them) got me thinking again about ala carte cable service.
Why, in the year 2010, can we not come up with a better system for cable subscriptions?
On that note, why can’t I call Time Warner and tell them I don’t want Fox channels? Since they have officially become a political engine, I’m not sure I want our money going to them.

But, back to the Cablevision vs. Fox fight, what I loved was the Fox response with the full-page ads claiming all this doom and gloom when the bottom line was: If Fox wins, your cable bill goes up.
Help us fight Cablevision so your bill will go up.

Artichoke Pizza
The somewhat famous Artichoke Pizza from the East Village has opened a branch in the douche-tastic Meatpacking District. I went there for lunch the other day and I have this review: their namesake pizza (i.e. the artichoke pizza) may be the richest and fattiest slice of pizza I have ever had. If you eat this too often, your arteries will pop out and explode.
It’s like a butter cream sauce on top of a crust. Nuts.

We, once again, did not run the marathon. But we walked some of it. We walked and followed the course up 4th avenue (in Brooklyn, not the awesome 4th avenue in Manhattan) through Fort Green and over to Bedford (the orthodox seem to love the marathon) and then to Williamsburg. We ended up near the end of the course and watched the police escort rolling through before they opened the streets again. That was kind of sad.
I'd hate to be running and have the end of the marathon nipping at my heels.

A lot of people were walking (um, it's a marathon, not a walkathon (sorry)).
We cheered on a tiny and ancient and blind asian woman who was still running. Good golly.
Go lady! Go!

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