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Turksgiving 2010: Escape to LA

Oh, Turksgiving
I could literally have a whole blog based around how awesome our Thanksgivings have been over the past few years. This past one was no exception. For real!

Turksgiving Day Fly
11:59amIf you are just now tuning in to my blog-o-vision, I’ll let you know that we (Mrs. Robot and I) like to spend Turksgiving in LA with friends of ours from university. The first item on any of my past Turksgiving ‘blog’ posts is about flying on Turksgiving day. That is awesome. JFK was quiet and calm and while our flight was pretty full, everyone was snoozy and quiet.
We somehow got there earlier than expected, although we had some craptacular turbulence right over LA.

5:30pmOur pals Kristy and Matt and Patty and Tom and Lou and Mark and Tracy had been cooking all day (when not fussing over Kristy & Matt's new baby) and we arrived just in time for pre-dinner cocktails. Dinner was stupid good. My two, or, um, three favorite things that I can recall:
1. The turkey. It had been basted in all sorts of things, but the main ingredient was maple syrup. After it was carved, it was doused with the gravy drippings in the pan. It was game changingly good.
2. The pork wrapped in bacon and then smoked (duh).
3. The sweet potato gratin thing

Dessert: 1970 Port
8:38amI wrapped up my birthday bottle of 1970 Port and brought it along and we opened it after dinner (and ate some pie with it). The cork was a bit of a challenge to get out; some it came out and the rest crumbled into the wine. Luckily we had a fancy filter thing to use as we decanted it.
What does 1970 Port taste like? Pretty damn awesome, but also a lot like regular newer Port. It’s a pretty tough wine, so 40 years isn’t that long.

Bloody Friday
2:24pmThe next day is Bloody Friday. That is the day where we drink bloody marys and/or beer and watch James Bond movies and eat leftovers and sit in the hot tub. We did that.
My body hung on for dear life.

First we had breakfast at the always tasty Tropicana where I ordered a large carrot, orange, something juice to help combat two days of heavy starchy food and alcohol. That evening we went to the Lazy Ox. They do meat-centric small dishes that you share. It was all very good; I actually don’t recall what we had except for a cauliflower dish, fried squash blossoms, and a pasta of some sort with bone marrow on top. Hello! Also it rained like crazy. Crazy rain. In LA.
After dinner we attended the concert of the Best Coast and the Weezers.

Best Coast was good. The Weezer’s were rocking. They did a first set of classics and then took a break (with a fun slide show intermission hosted by one of their guitar techs) and came back and performed Pinkerton (or ‘Pinkertown’ according to the people behind us (who also included a woman who said, “I can’t quote a single line from those Star Wars movies”)).
Weezer rocked. Mr. Weezer (AKA Rivers Cuomo) jumped off the stage and ran around the (large) theatre a lot. The sound was perfect. The lighting was great. Ms. Best Coast and Mr. Weezer performed that Olsen twin song together.
Good times.

Oh, there was dim sum and shopping in the Chinese shopping center. For dinner we all met at Animal. It was one of those dinners where you stop and think, “all is right with the world... at least right now”.
7:52pmGreat drink! We had a sparkling wine from the Jura and then followed it up with a few bottles of Lambrusco.
Great food!
- Poutine oxtail (fries with oxtail gravy on top and cheddar)
- Grilled octopus (delicious - when octopus is done well it is one of my favorite things)
- Chicken livers
- Pigs ear, lime, fried egg
- Two (or three?) orders of bone marrow
- Foie gras with a biscuit covered in maple gravy (it may sound off, but it was the bomb diggity)
I feel like I am forgetting something.
Oh, we did have a cocktail before dinner at the lovely bar/diner next door: Canters.

The Room
After dinner, we retired to Mark's pad and watched the horribly/awesome 'The Room' on his huge (really huge) projector/wall TV machine.
Have you seen this? Crikey.

2:15pm Tacos and tortilla soup for lunch. Delicious.
We also met up with happyrobot's Sunshine Jen at the Huntley in Santa Monica for cocktails. Yay Sunshine Jen and cocktails!
Crazy awesome view.


Yay! Bubbles and Kiwis!
»j ||  12/3/2010 ||  1:52:38 PM
"came back and performed Pinkerton (or ‘Pinkertown' according to the people behind us (who also included a woman who said, "I can't quote a single line from those Star Wars movies"))."

This line made me twitch and then pass out. My coworkers were very concerned until I told them why.
»stu ||  12/3/2010 ||  2:24:17 PM
oh, i love your life. Who brought the baby?
»pony ||  12/3/2010 ||  2:27:17 PM
Our pals Kristy and Matt (who host it all) had a baby recently. She has red hair!
»:r ||  12/3/2010 ||  2:29:55 PM
that baby looks JUST like alper
»kristen ||  12/14/2010 ||  9:49:47 PM

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