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Cruddy Chrispmas

Cruddy Chrispmas
We’ve have had an interesting Chrispmas holiday this year. Robot Mom-in-Law was thrown a surprise birthday party the week before Christmas and we were part of the surprise (this was tricky because mom-in-law kept calling trying to figure out exactly when we’d arrive for the holidays). It was a grand time.
5:21pmMrs. Robot did a little slide show/movie in her mom’s honor, but the best part was her mom going around the room and telling a story about each person in attendance. That may sound like it would be... laborious? but it was great fun. A bit emotional.
For whatever reason, she introduced me as Mrs. Robot’s son (hilarity ensued).

A few days later I got some sort of cold which meant that I spent a lot of time during the holidays excusing myself to blow tons of muscous out of my nose. Brilliant.

I also spent the afternoon at the local ‘urgent care’ place because mom, mom-in-law, and Mrs. Robot were all like, “you’ve got that crud - go get checked, especially if you have to fly back”.
Oh, urgent care. You have the characters.

We were in Atlanta for the snow-pocalypse which was fun. They barely got snow, but people were all loony about it. Of course, right now I should be on a plane and/or in NYC but our flight was cancelled. This adventure may be a whole other “blog” post.
Oh, we also went to a Rite-Aid on Christmas day. You may have seen then this on the popular FaceBooks website. We saw:
#1: two cowboys buying a box of Depends
#2: teenager buying chewing tobacco
#3: couple hurriedly buying gift cards ("well, they have an iPod")
#4: woman buying 3 gallons of milk
We did not see Kristen buying a spaceheater.

Niece & Nephew
If you are wondering, my niece and nephew are pretty much the most handsome nieces and nephews in the world. Also, my nephew has a lot of Legos and my brother and I spent a lot of time constructing things under handsome nephew’s supervision.

I gave my niece a lovely ‘super girl’ cape but I am not sure it was the success I wanted it to be.

Food! (but mainly soup!)
Mrs. Robot is a wonderful navigator when it comes to eating on the road. When we flew down to NC, we had a few hours to kill before the surprise party for mom-in-law and Mrs. Robot found us a very tasty Vietnamese place that was north of Charlotte.
It was called Pho Real (for real). When you land at an airport and it’s a cold day, some sort of pho is about the best thing ever.
Pho Real was pretty tasty.

2:28pmPho number two was when we were driving back from Atlanta and Mrs. Robot navigated us to Saigon Fast Food in Greenville, SC. This a small restaurant that is a few blocks from the Vietnamese grocery (and Bob Jones “University”) and seems to run by a husband and wife team (I think). Once again, it was a very cold day and we were starved and I felt cruddy and it may have been the best pho I have had - at least during the past two years of being a bit obsessed with all things pho. The broth was perfect and the meat was, well, perfect, and the thai basil was nice - the only issue might have been not enough noodles, but whatever.
Their menu was huge. There was a duck pho that looked great.
If I lived in Greenville, I’d spend my free time working though their menu.

Then there was Mexican
12:37pmWe stopped at a little Mexican place in Sylva, NC on the way to Atlanta. Basic ‘American’ Mexican place, but was note worthy was their chicken soup. Loaded with chicken and spices and vegtables it was perfect on a cold day.

While in Asheville, we stumbled upon Curras which is a tiny place that is doing high-end Mexican food. Delightful. The funny thing is that we ordered the food for take away, but they don’t seem to do that. They gave us proper plates with cling wrap on them and just asked that we bring the plates back. It was some handsome looking take-out.
The stars? Cochinita pibil and the chicken mole.

you know. you're actually a talented writer now. I love the "well, they have an ipod you know" bit.

not condescendingly,
»kristen ||  12/27/2010 ||  8:41:24 PM

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