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only prostitutes wear sleeveless blouses and/or shorts

did you know that in thailand, only prostitutes wear sleeveless blouses and/or shorts? that is good to know.

there was a news article about this uproar in thailand about this qoute on the Marriott Hotels website in regard to the dress code in thailand.

"No Thai men wear shorts. Among women, only prostitutes wear sleeveless blouses and/or shorts. "

oh boy. now you can say "tits" on network television. this article also has a timeline entitled "Language barriers fall" which is a handy guide for any tv fan.

this whole thing about colin powell not going to this international rascism conference... there is something icky about that. or more exactly, "why in the world would we not want to go" icky. if the US government disagrees with some of the topics, wouldn't it make sense for us to be there to argue our point? or to stand up for whatever?

taiwai and i have a new project that may launch in 2 - 3 months...

here in the USA, it's labor day, which is a holiday that probably 95% of americans have no idea why we celebrate (me included) except that...

- we get to go on one last summer vacation

- cook meat outside on an open grill. maybe eat watermelon and drink some beer.

- we get the day off of work.

hopefully, the laboring spirit will be strong with me this weekend, and i can finish up happyrobot version 9.0 ("the best happyrobot ever" says the fresh faced teen). i am looking at a launch date of monday or tuesday, depending on how much grilled meat i eat.

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