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good lord, I hate Facebook apps. And people keep pitching them to me as projects. And I want to barf.
»pony ||  4/5/2011 ||  9:50:20 AM
Where do you find this in Facebook?

I was looking the other day at people I'd blocked, and wondering how many had done the same for me.
»stu ||  4/5/2011 ||  10:22:10 AM
I was hoping you wouldn't ask this. I'm not sure where I found it. Somewhere in the privacy settings.
»:r ||  4/5/2011 ||  3:18:09 PM
Under account Privacy Settings, in the bottom middle of the page, there's the Block Lists."
»stu ||  4/5/2011 ||  3:37:32 PM
You've blocked way more groups than I have–and I don't think it's that I'm more forgiving of these things than you are. You must just have a lot of family members or friends who love these things.

Whereas I've probably alienated all these people long before the Should I Friend Him Or Not question came up.
»stu ||  4/5/2011 ||  3:42:10 PM
You've practically blocked Facebook! :)
»lisa ||  4/5/2011 ||  4:29:44 PM
I've found my band name. 101 Treasures (formerly 101 Eggs)
»thewillhelm ||  4/6/2011 ||  7:10:38 AM
I'm only a member of one facebook group:

Does Jessica Okun know where you live.
»jason ||  4/6/2011 ||  11:33:09 PM

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