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Why I'm so busy and haven't posted a "blog" entry in so long

Here's where I've been
I haven't posted to Facesbooks, Tweeter, or the happyrobot in a long time.
(Hello Pony! It was good to hear from you on the happyrobot!)

(1) I’m working on my new iPhone app
Having an email signature on your emails is always a nice and classy touch, but I thought adding location aware qualities to it could really improve things. For instance, people in my office are always using their phone while on the toilet (something I, a person of class and style would never ever do) and I thought it would be clever to build an app where you could set the actual latitude/longitude locations of all the main bathrooms in your life (work, home, rest stops) and when you are in those locations sending an email, it would append the following to your email as the signature:
“-sent via my iPhone while on the shitter”

I haven’t come with a name for it yet.

(2) I rode less than 100 miles but more than 90 miles
Fred! @bikesnobnycDid I mention I bought a new bike? I’ve been riding it a lot because it’s like riding some sort of hover bike (it’s very light). Some of you may have seen a post of mine on the popular “Facebook” website that I was riding in this year’s Tour de Cure. That’s the ride to raise money for diabetes research that they host all over the country.
I signed up for the 100 mile ride which meant I had to wake up at 4:20am (huh-huh) and be out the door by 5:30 or so. Waking up that early is always painful, but on the other hand, it is a brilliant time to be outside and riding a bike. As I crossed the Brooklyn Bridge (I’ll only ride across there at 5am) I watched the sun rise.
5-something o'clock.
It was also really chilly.

The ride went fine. The diabetey people are all friendly but maybe not the best organized; many of the rest stops were barely manned and/or stocked by the time we rode in (maybe we were going super fast?). Also, I somehow got lost in Rockland County.
The bad news: I didn’t get to the rest area at Bear Mountain, which was the halfway point.
The good news: In my lost-ness, I somehow still rode 96 miles. So, there’s that.
I also saw a creepy dog looking creature pooping on the side of the road.

(If you have ridden a charity bike ride before you may share this feeling: I hate cue sheets. I like signs. The Tour de Cure had signage issues.)

(I also, by accident, wore a red jersey. That symbolized that you were a diabetic and they would all cheer for you. I'm not diabetic so I kept having to explain that.)

(3) New Crazy Job
Oh, right. That aspect.
I’ve left technology and have moved onto wine education. This is a complete change in lifestyle and workload. Unfortunately, we haven’t found someone to take my old job, so I’m doing both right this second.
Tuesday was my first big project for my new job. Right out of the gate I lead a 4-hour presentation and tasting for about 60 people. Hello nerves.
People tell me it went well. I’m not a presentation/public speaking pro. I need to practice.

Was it odd at the end when I said, “suck it” and threw the mic down?

Next month I get to spend a week in Champagne (the region, not a large glass).

Tuesday was a good photo day
The same day I did that crazy grueling 4-hour tasting, I also had some fun (phun) photographic things happen. For intance, I'm in a cab and look out the window to see our friend Emily standing in line. I take her picture and post it to Facebook. She sees it. Hillarity.
Waiting in line

Later, after the tasting, we are taking a bus across town to go bowling (as you do) and I see this guy on the street. It was for some photo project; but I love the blur from the movement of the bus.
Man down

Then we went bowling. Now, not to brag, but I can bowl pretty well when wearing a suit and holding a glass of Dom Perignon. I'm classy that way.
El Bowlo

Nice to see you're keeping it classy
»j ||  6/11/2011 ||  7:11:08 PM
sounds charming! have a bitchin time in france.
»kristen ||  6/12/2011 ||  8:22:25 PM
Phun! I have read that improv classes are good public speaking practice! Really.
»lisa ||  6/14/2011 ||  11:28:57 AM

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