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Last Week was Alabama

Last Week was Alabama
Wait. Right. Yes. It was.
I had meetings and professional drinking last week in Mississippi and Alabama. It was generally a good time.

Here’s how my introduction to MS went when I first arrived in the room where we were all meeting.
Some guy: “You from New York?”
Me: “Yup”
Some guy: “You seen those hippy protesters up there?”
Me: “um, not really...”
Some woman: “I could not stand to be in that town right now. I hate the smell of patchouli!”

So, that was that. It was the most red of the red states.

We were in Birmingham the whole time and it was cute. I mean, I realize that we didn’t see the whole city and spent most of the time between two neighborhoods with very high household incomes (because tend to drink a bit more Champagne and such). It was cute and charming.
There are hills. They roll.

We ate pretty well.
My favorite meal of the trip had to be the assorted oysters at one restaurant accompanied by a glass of Scotch (Glenmorangie (10yr)). Damn. That pairs pretty well.
Glenmorangie 10yo & Oysters = awesomes

Then there were the fish tacos at this one place. Good looking tuna, eh?
Hello fish taco

For lunch one day we had barbecue... Alabama style. That was also pretty tasty and the side of squash was awesome.
Pulled pork. Squash.

Stupid Flight
CrapWhy oh why.
I knew that flying back to NYC (especially LGA) on a Friday would be a bad idea. The flight left at 2pm so I thought we would have missed the rush hour crappiness flight issues at LaGuardia .
But, no. My flight was cancelled (after being delayed) and I had to spend another night there. Also, I didn’t have a lot of clean clothes left.
The cab driver I had for the ride back to the hotel may have been crazy.

The reason I mention this is because they re-booked me on a flight out that next morning leaving at 6:30am.
Let’s see. I need to be at the airport by 5:30am. Have the cab pick me up at 5:15? Need to shower... set the alarm for, let’s see. 4:45? Ugh.

By the time I got back to NYC I was exhausted and starved (long story involving short layovers in Atlanta) and all morning I had planned the breakfast I would have when I got home.
This was it. Lox from the seafood shop. Onion from the CSA. Bagels from the faux-Montreal bagel place.
Hello bagel. I've missed you.

Almost Forgot
In Birmingham, we were in a restaurant and I went to use the restroom. In the restroom I noticed they had a drunk octopus that wanted to fight. Awesome.
Hey! Drunk octopus wants to fight you!

Ten years ago I would have been a drunk Stu wanting to fight over the fact that you'd put ice in your scotch. I was dogmatic for awhile–the only things you mix with scotch are water, and more scotch–but I have since discovered the joys of watering down my booze with ice that turns into water over time.

Guess it's a sign I'm getting old.
»stu ||  10/19/2011 ||  12:53:00 AM
Well. I'll be honest. The bartender put way too much ice in. And it was crap ice. I forgot I wasn't in NYC where they have artisanal ice blocks for our cocktails. I think I asked for one cube, actually.

All that being said, the slightly watered down effect on the scotch I think worked amazingly with the oysters.
»:r ||  10/19/2011 ||  7:42:53 AM
The bartender was a bit of a pain. We had also ordered a glass of Champagne and he secretly poured us a glass of something crappy. When we mentioned this, he quickly made a show of finding a new bottle and opening it.
»:r ||  10/19/2011 ||  7:45:26 AM

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