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Hold Tight Mom-in-Law

My mother-in-law (Mrs. Robot’s mom that is) was diagnosed with breast cancer nine years ago. It has been a tough fight and there were lots of ups and downs.

1960s Mom in uniform
I’ve known Brenda for 20 years. As a young woman she served in the Marine Corps, got married, had a baby (i.e. Mrs. Robot) and then her husband left her. Still not really sure what happened there but she was left to raise Mrs. Robot on her own. Single mom. It worked out fine in the end.

They are tough women.

Flight Cancellations
I write this as I sit in the Raleigh-Durham airport (motto: our Wifi barely works even if you pay for it!) after a wonky day. I was in Raleigh for work and was flying out this morning to go to sexy Indiana (motto: Rich thinks we’re sexy). Mrs. Robot was at her mother’s house also here in NC and yesterday she was realizing that things were declining quickly.

This morning I arrive at RDU to fly out and my flight is cancelled for some reason. I’m rebooked on a 6pm flight. Normally, this would this involve sitting in airports all day, but it allowed me time to rent a car and drive the 90 minutes to Mrs. Robot’s family homestead to visit her and her mom.
Strange how these things work out.

I arrived at the house this morning. The scene I found was heartbreaking. Mom-in-law is sleeping a lot. She’s not eating. We’ve gotten her to chew on ice and she seems to like that. But she isn’t responding to much. She opened her eyes and looked at me.

I hope she isn’t in pain, but I fear she is. She is sleeping but also seems to be struggling. The worst. I want to be an optimist, but I’ll probably be back in NC soon for the funeral.

The Update
She passed away last night. Her daughter and her sister were both at her side. I had spoken to Mrs. Robot earlier that evening and we were chuckling over a funny quip her mom had just said - and then she passed away hours later.

Hug People
We probably all need to hug our loved ones more often.

My hearts are with you guys. Peace and love to you, Rachel.
»pony ||  3/21/2012 ||  8:12:25 AM
you sound connected and moved in a very real way by the woman who gave birth to your wife.
I love that picture. I always thought Mrs. Robot was exceptionally cool (and I know a lot of others do to)and now I get a little bit of why.
Thanks Rich

»anne ||  3/21/2012 ||  10:10:40 AM
So sorry to hear this.
»cromulent ||  3/21/2012 ||  10:23:25 AM
So sorry to hear this news. I hope rachel and her family are doing okay. You are correct, funny how things work out and that you got to be there.
»laurel ||  3/21/2012 ||  11:09:47 AM
Oh, man. I'm so sorry, Mrs. and Mr. Robot. I'm glad you guys got to be there, though.
»chris ||  3/21/2012 ||  12:14:33 PM
wow. i was distancing myself from feeling it, but this brought me there... i have met brenda and truly love the daughter she raised... it's really weird when they are really gone... so glad rachel has you... wow... goodbye did awesome...
»kristen ||  3/22/2012 ||  3:07:34 PM
Thanks for loving Rachel so much, Rich. You're a good man. Our thoughts are with you all.
»pam ||  3/22/2012 ||  11:31:53 PM
What a sweet story Rich...Brenda would have loved this one from you! She is certainly going to be missed.

Rachel is a lucky young lady to have you!

Brenda's step sister.....
»terry honeycutt ||  3/23/2012 ||  8:38:11 PM

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