Religion and war
It's making me sad again. The Hindus and Muslims fighting in Kashmir is just depressing. It's almost making me want to become a hippy.

We saw this performance the other night - Momix. I don't really know how to describe dance performances, and I won't start trying today, but suffice to say this is a pretty cool show if you get the chance to see it. If you want a review, check out this one from Aspen Dance Festival.

The theatre that is hosting it, The Joyce on 8th and 19th (I think) is a nice theatre. We had seats on the very last row, but they turned out to be the best seats in the house with a wonderful view of the whole stage (we got the tickets from the Momix guy's agent who sat with us so that may have something to do with it).
I mean, really really good seats.

Monsoon Wedding
I know I have talked about this movie's greatness before, but if you haven't seen it, go get it. It's all about the love.

McSweeney Gang Fight
MattyJ + Pat vs. Eggers + Pollack. Now that would be a good fight.
Liz karate chopping people.
Nate wacking people with his crutch.
Me taking pictures of the whole thing.

I don't feel so hot today. Just let me be.

Hurricane season has started again.
I have been through a few, being that I grew up in the South East and for a time lived in a beach town.
The last one I was in was Fran? I think. I was visiting NYC, and saw it coming straight for my town and decided to book it down south because my windows were open in the apartment. I made it to Raleigh, and the hurricane started, so I called my grammy and bunkered down at her house. The next morning, the interstate was littered with trees and parts were closed because of flooding. They had us going on detours around the damage, and some of the detours were worse than the interstate. I remember coming around a corner and having to slam on the brakes because the little road I was on had flooded. It was nutty.

So, I got home, and the church across the street had lost it's steeple. A 7 or 8 story tall steeple had fallen and crashed into the street leaving a huge gaping hole on the roof of the church. Amazingly, it didn't hit anything - not the nice fountain in the middle of the street, or the historic house on the corner, or my apartment building.
It only took out a few parking meters.

I have walked through hurricanes before. I really don't recommend that. During Bertha, my pal Jungle and I decided to go to Matt Malloy's house to drink beer. The way over was not bad, but on the way back I was crossing the street and all of a sudden the wind roared - it sounded like a train was coming towards me. I could barely walk and just remember kind of waddling to keep from being blown over.
During that moment, I distinctly remember thinking, "this was the stupidest idea ever".

The cat snoozed through the hurricane as if nothing was going on.

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