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giving her the ol' royal corgi

Aiyee! The Royal Corgis!
Intitally, I loved this picture because of the great dogs just sprawled out around them all (love the one on the far left), but then Lisa pointed out it looked like that guy was grabbing the queen's boob - giving her the "ol' royal corgi" if you will.

Oh, and notice the name of the ball team - The All Blacks. WTF.

Lisa and I were discussing Doggie Day Care and how that might be a fun job to go into. Years ago, Mrs. Robot had Kitty Day Care at our apartment and would invite our neighbor's cats to come over and play. And by "play" I mean sit on tables and chairs equidistant apart from each other.
If you know our cat, you know that being social is not a high priority, but she was actually well behaved and only would start hissing when the other cats would move on her food (little did they know it was diet food).

Help! Fire!
The building I work in (or as the kids would say, "get my employment on at") has those standard little map things next the elevators. You know, the ones that show you where you are and where the closest stairwell is in case of an emergency.

Well, the ones here are all wrong. In fact, I don't think they are 'correct ones' that were put in the wrong place, I think they are just plain wrong. Up is down, left is right.

Eric and I had this dumb film idea that would star us in an emergency situation, and we'd run to the map, and then try to find our way out. Hilarity would ensue.
Me: "The map says the stairwell is right here!"
Eric: "OK, let's go"

* We both run straight into a wall*

* Rubbing our foreheads, Eric picks me up like a battering ram, and starts slamming my head into the wall*
Eric: "The map says there is stairwell right here - I guess we just need to break through this wall"
Me: "uummph!"

I am thinking of pitching the idea to Lorne Michaels - he'd be the kind of guy who could really flesh out one stupid idea into a two hour movie. Eric can be played by Will Ferrel.
I am not sure who would play me.
Scott Baio?
Tim Meadows?
Han Solo?

Thanks Evan
"Evan F" (no relation to Axel F or Evan S) hosted a, um, screening, no, a listening of the Flaming Lips CDs "Zaireeka". As you may remember from your rock class, this was the great cd set that the 'lips' (as I call them) released about 5 years ago that contains one album, but it's divided up onto 4 cds that have to played together.
Awesome idea and it works pretty well, too.
And the bonus is that you have to have people over to bring extra stereos and to man the cd players, and if they bring beer, well, you have a party.
So, it's all good.
Quick notes about the whole experience:

1. "ready, set, go" seems to work the best. We tried "one, two, three, go", but that wasn't working. The "ready, set, go" method is also recommended by the flaming lips themselves.
2. The IMac was the problem cd player. If you have one, running OSX and I-Tunes, hit the space bar at "set" instead of "go"
3. I think the liner notes recommends this, but be sure to use the method of playing the track, pausing it, and then 'rewinding' it back to the first of the track. That seems to be the best method for getting the cds going at the same speed.

The hip young lad at our local independent record store recommended four cars facing one another in a parking lot for Zaireeka. This will only work in Suburbia, however, and is likely to inspire a violent Soc's vs Greasers scenario.
»todd ||  11/6/2002 ||  8:10:57 PM

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