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switched back to freak mode

Which Song
Late night at MattyJ's house. There are beers and we are probably all still a bit stoned from all the turkey.
Turkey stoned.
Matt mentions the story about dating some girl that would only have sex if James Taylor were on the stereo.
The inevitably led to a game where you had to chose a song to play while having intimate relations… much like that game where you do the "would you rather kiss a bum or drink a pint of sour milk" thing.
"The Rose" or "You light up my life"
"Rock me Amadeus" or "Putting on the ritz"
"Wind beneath my wings" or "sussudio"
"Theme song from the greatest American hero" or "Tiny Dancer"

Try it with your friends. It's fun.
Now, remember, just because it's a good song (or a bad song) doesn't necessarily mean that it would be a good or bad song for doing it.
Just remember to factor that in.

11 Possible points that might come up at my new job's orientation meeting:
1. Benefits package doesn't include a free pony
2. Naptime is from 2-3, not 1-2
3. Your parents will need to buy you a box of Kleenex, some pencils, a pencil holder, and a mat to lie on during quiet time.
4. Jackets, hats, scarves, gloves, need to have my name on them somewhere.
5. If I have plans to go somewhere other than home after work, I need to get parents to sign a permission slip beforehand.
6. If unable to participate in physical education activities, I need a note from a parent/guardian for a short-term illness (one to three days) or from a doctor for more than three days.
7. Contrary to what you may of heard, Show and Tell is when you bring something from home in to show and talk about it.
8. No bare midriffs
9. When meeting other employees for the first time, it is against the rules to glance around at the other employee's posterior and exclaim, "oooo girl, jesus was good to you."
10. As much as people like puppies, you are not allowed to bring your puppy to work with you.
11. Supervisors should not be referred to as "sucka MCs"

My new job title is "webmaster", which isn't nearly as cool as it seems, being that I will not be actually mastering much of the site from a technical point-of-view.
It's a long story.
But people all like the fact that my job title here has the word "master" in it - I have been kicking around a few ideas with people today:

  • As webmaster, I would need to wear a cape. And maybe a hat and carry a wand.

  • Somehow I need to be able to throw something down that will make a big bang and a cloud of smoke when I leave the room.

  • Or, instead of smoke, I could turn into a hawk or crow or something. This would be cool, but might be a pain in the office environment. I mean, it would be kind of lame to have to ask, "yea, Bob, can you open your window - I need to make a dramatic exit"

  • Maybe I could also have a troll or monkey or bird or something that follows me around.

  • Eric suggested going "Lando Style" with the half cape and the smooth attitude. "Helloooo - what have we here". I mean, Lando isn't really magic, but, well. It'd be fun.

  • Some sort of Jedi-esque mind tricks would be handy, too.

  • My Mind
    I just switched it back to freak mode.

    "Dont Mess with my Toot Toot" or "The Piano Man"
    »raquel ||  12/2/2002 ||  2:28:52 PM
    "The Candy Man" or "I love a parade"
    »nster ||  12/2/2002 ||  2:32:38 PM
    "We Dip" (that country techo song remember - put your hand upon my hip and i dip you dip we dip...) or "Hava Negilah" I love this game!
    »raquel ||  12/2/2002 ||  2:34:55 PM
    congrats on the new/old job rich! maybe santa will bring you a cape!
    »lisa ||  12/2/2002 ||  2:55:03 PM
    me and my friends have a similar game called "Death is NOT and Option" where we pick two of the most repulsive people we know and you have to pick which one you would sleep with. But remember Death is NOT an option!

    Why is it that games that make you cringe are always the most fun?

    »k ||  12/2/2002 ||  4:00:24 PM
    I lost my virginity to Enigma's "Return to Innocence". How's tha for irony. (Yeah, I know it's not the greatest song... but hey, I was gettin' some.)
    So, seeing as you're also the webmaster for happyrobot, which is your own sight, does that mean when you are working on robot stuff that you are, infact, "webmasterbasting"?
    »chris ||  12/2/2002 ||  4:30:51 PM
    Black Dog, Led Zepplin and yes, we kept time with the music
    »yve ||  12/2/2002 ||  9:51:09 PM
    "It's a Beautiful Morning" or "Fat Bottomed Girls"

    Congrats on the job...
    »that andrew guy ||  url || 12/3/2002 ||  2:08:01 PM
    If you're ever in San Francisco or Man in motion/St. Elmo's Fire.
    »potro ||  12/4/2002 ||  12:25:57 AM
    "So you're having my baby what I beautiful way to say I love you" or "High Hopes"
    -God, this is fun.
    »potro ||  12/4/2002 ||  12:31:46 AM
    Here's two to choose from....Theme from the A-Team for theme from Miami Vice???
    »babs ||  12/4/2002 ||  12:51:50 PM
    Miami Vice of course. I wish i could play this game, but the secret service don't let me play music in my room.
    »georgewbush ||  12/4/2002 ||  2:54:36 PM

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