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No sleep ramblings

Taiwai's Camera
He has this nice Canon digital camera that allows you to make all sorts of exsposure adjustments. We met for drinks a while back and he let me play with it and I took a series of 15 second long images.
I had way too much fun. It was like in college when I got my first shutter release cable and discoved the 'bulb' feature on my camera - rolls and rolls of film with long exsposure images over and over again.
Look streaked headlights!
Look ghost images!
Well, here they are...

Cell Phones
Is it me, or all cell phone companies just getting worse and worse. Ugh. We are thinking of switching providers from Sprint to Verizon - mainly because the Sprint retail stores are war zones and a pain to work with. No sales staff, no stock, mobs of people waiting to pay their bills. We were there Saturday looking for a new phone for Mrs. Robot, but were told that they only had two phones in stock.
I don't think Verizon is going to be any better than Sprint - I am sure they will have their own lame issues, but I really want one of those snazzy Motorola flippy phones and Verizon's phones work in my office building better than Sprint ones do.
What are you using?

From our tour of cell phone stores Saturday, these are the ones we liked based on their staff and store appearance (naturally, this has nothing to do with their phone service):

1. Cingular. Clean store. Lots of items in stock and a friendly staff.

2. AT&T. Nice store - smart staff - snazzy phones.

3. T-Mobile. Fine store.

4. Verizon. Busy store - lots of people waiting, but they seemed to have a good amount of staff. The people waiting didn't seem in a bad mood. Staff was friendly.

5. Sprint. Store recently re-modeled, yet looks like they didn't finish it a year later. Floor model phones very roughed up. Very few staff on floor and next to no stock.

No Really
What are my neighbors doing upstairs. Would it be weird if I went upstairs one day and was like, "hey smart-ass white guy, I am curious - what in the world are you doing up here at 11:13pm that is making so much noise?"

Joe Frank
Are you familiar with this guy? He is on Sunday nights here on the local NPR station (WNYC).
What is up with this guy? I am all for neat, experimental radio, but, um, well… he just kinda bugs me.
It could just be me, though.

If you stay up to 6am, you will feel like crap when your friend calls you at 10am to see if you want to go to brunch. And then hours later you will still feel funky and be trying to write and the words will be moving around.

Hmm... that table and that window look awfully familiar... They look an awful lot like the window we sat by and the table we sat at in that bar we went to when I came to visit. Ah, memories of good times.
We need to get you and Mrs. Robot up to New England to exorcise the demons of the last visit you made to my fair city. Good times abound, Senor Robot. Guaranteed.
»chris ||  12/9/2002 ||  2:06:11 AM
loved the pictures. Agree. Sprint sucks. However, I spent so much on my sucky phone I don't want to spend any more money on a possibly suckier service. Will be interested to see how your saga turns out. Have heard that verizon is as bad as sprint. many dead zones and poor service from staff.
»yve ||  12/9/2002 ||  9:33:00 AM
Last time I stayed up til 6AM, I FILLED like crap as well!
»donny most ||  12/9/2002 ||  9:47:22 AM
ah yes,. "fill".
see, sleep deprived people should not write. i will change it now.
»:r ||  12/9/2002 ||  10:35:13 AM
AT&T is making me very happy. I think the phone service is pretty good, especially if you travel--they are everywhere! And customer service has been very accomadating and patient! And I loathe anything to do w/evil Verizon. . . .
»reba ||  12/9/2002 ||  5:54:59 PM
Speaking of Verizon... does anyone remember that one-not-so-hit-wonder band Vertical Horizon? They had some song, I don't remember what it was, but I remember some announcer on the radio always saying "blah blah blah THIS band! CREED! VERTICAL HORIZON!" So when bell atlantic and all those companies merged, was there some jackass early 20-something guy in a corporate meeting saying things like "well, um, guys, I know we're looking for a new company name. And I really like this band called Vertical Horizon... maybe we could COMBINE the two names and call ourselves VERIZON! Think how edgy we'll be... cuz it's a horizon,. but it's VERTICAL, man! Dude!"
Somebody shoot me in the face.
»chris ||  12/9/2002 ||  11:13:47 PM

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