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Happy Birthday Pony

Happy Birthday Pony!
Dirty Thirty!
Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday Adina
Happy birthday to you
You held hands with a monkey
And she stole your peanuts too.

Jacko Wacko
I can't believe I just watched that whole Michael Jackson thing on TV. Ugh.
Poor freaky freako.
He is one scary corndog.

Currently the rage around the happyrobot office - and by happyrobot office, I mean a bunch of people separated by hundreds of miles.
Nonetheless, it's a great site. I was looking at it today and noticed that the creator of the site lists the following as her favorite things:
ROBOTS, sock monkeys, the song "Rock 'n Roll Suicide", hot dogs
go: kittenpants

Been Out
This week I have been out. Monday and Tuesday I was "off site" at a team building corporate retreat kind of thing.
Rah! Rah! Rah!
Then Wednesday and Thursday I was in a very intensive 'introduction' to the company I work for that was liberally sprinkled with excessive drinking.
Oh Lord.
I drank my weight in Dom yesterday.

I don't have much to say otherwise. This week has been all work and I hate writing about that here.

North Korea! Iraq! It's not getting any better is it? Just worse.

I think I am buying B&S's album Tiger Milk.

I-POD Review
I have had my I-POD since November and I thought maybe I should give a status report. Bottom line: it rocks.
The only problem I have had is that some of my playlists have vanished - but the songs are still there.
Love it though. Go buy one now.

The only other complaint is that they now ship it with the remote control as standard equipment. The remote is cute, but has some minor design issues like the cord is too friggin long and the design is symmetrical, so you can't tell the difference between the buttons without looking out them.

Oh, the long cord - this is hilarious. Every day I see a goof ball walking around with this damn 30 foot long headphone cord connected to the I-POD. The headphone cord is fairly long, as is the remote control cordů so, you see these people with cords running down to their knees and trying to get on and off trains without getting all twisted up with other riders and their own bags.


michael jackson: i just don't know what to say anymore.

thank god for kittenpants.
»lisa ||  2/7/2003 ||  9:01:19 AM
it doesn't get much better than "tiger milk," well . . . unless you consider "are you feeling sinister," . . . damn i love belle and sebastian . . .
»klutch.xls ||  2/7/2003 ||  1:22:48 PM
npr's scott simon has an i-pod. he said he likes it a lot.
»kero ||  2/7/2003 ||  6:39:33 PM
You told me you thought B&S were gay...
»ponesh ||  2/10/2003 ||  10:58:11 AM
i only love you for your expensive liquor (and champagne.) dude to paraphrase bjork: my ipod saved my life (well not literally in fact you have to look both ways a lot...)
»kristen ||  2/6/2005 ||  12:47:08 PM

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