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Everyone is in therapy except me

Happy Post Canada Day / Pre America Day
What are you doing this weekend? Mrs. Robot and I have this problem of never planning things in advance - especially for these 3 day weekends. I am on the Hertz website (I get a discount there from work) and they have nothing to rent. Nothing.
Actually, they will rent me a go-cart.
That should do fine.

I don't want the hassle and cost of keeping a car in the city (even in my suburbia-esque neighborhood), but it's times like this where it about drives me friggin mad not be able to leave the city.

Can I borrow your car?

Everyone is in therapy except me
It's true. I wonder if there is something wrong with me? I guess there is only one way to find out.

front page
I forget to tell you that last weekend I add some new images to the front page. Check em!
Long Live Robot

ASCII Vagabond

Neo-Soviet inspired Robot

Speaking of band camp
Because I was a lamer, I never seemed to join any after school activities. No band or sports or clubs. I mean, I stayed busy, but it just wasn't school based and it was usually something solitary like riding up the sides of mountains on my bike. I was no dummy though - I knew that you after school kids were getting it on in the back of darkened school buses on the way home.

I wished I had joined a club - I totally missed out on that bus hanky-panky.

MOB#3 Lamers
Last night I wienered out on going to the MOB thing by myself. Next time I am making all of you go.
No excuses.

I slept like a big old log last night. Apparently when Mrs. Robot came to bed, it was the classic passed out with a book and the lights on thing, and usually when that happens I wake up when she turns off the lights and gets into bed. Last night, all I remember is, "ah, this is a good book……… Hey, it's 8am"

love the new front pages. love 'em.
»nster ||  7/3/2003 ||  10:06:46 AM
i'm not in Therapy either .... but i do like the band does that count?
»k ||  7/3/2003 ||  11:09:07 AM
Therapy? must be the biggest band if all these people are in it.
»:r ||  7/3/2003 ||  11:55:57 AM
believe it or not, i am also on the no-therapy approach. Unless prescription drugs count. Nah.
»blaine ||  7/3/2003 ||  12:42:19 PM

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