Anyone ever acted on their dreams?
Last night I had this very vivid dream where stuff was happening - and I woke up feeling wonky and not being able to tell what was dream-world and what was 6:45am Brooklyn, NY. It was just one of those really weirdly emotional dreams and is still kind of bugging me.

If you had a dream about, say, buying a fancy Italian car or quitting your job or shaving your head - would you consider acting on it?
When we were on holiday (ha) I had a real funky dream about owning a Ferrari - when I woke up, my first thought was, "that's it - one day I will own a Ferrari".
We'll see.

Dreams are screwy. Oh, and before I get phone calls from co-workers, parents, or spouses, let me state that the dream is not about quitting my job or becoming gay or getting a tattoo or ________ (insert activity and/or trait that I normally wouldn't do)

There is nothing better than being congratulated on your wedding.
Three years later.
By someone who was at your wedding.

Apparently this gal who used to live in the city has forgotten who we are. She approaches both me and the missus separately and says, "Congratulations!! I saw your wedding pictures from England".
Is she confusing us with our pals Jeff & Claire?!
Jeff cringes when reading this :)

Apparently people our age are already suffering from alzheimer's.

Are you still doing that happy happy website?


I keep random text files on like 20 different computers with notes and stories for the robot journal. My latest one had a mention about viruses and people opening them. For instance, here at El Job, one of the technology department heads opened one of those dang viruses on his computer. So, of course we were all like smirk-smirk ha-ha.

I was all planning on writing about how it's amazing when people open viruses, or even better when they get those emails stating that they have a virus that none of the virus companies have identified yet and it' s a real spooky one and you should do a search for it on your machine.
The fact that people would take computer advice from their Aunt Mildred just amazes me.
So, you found this virus, eh? A virus that no security companies have identified... and YOU found it, eh?

Well, I better go delete that file then, because my friend at TeenyPups1987@aol.com is a friggin computer genius.

So that is what I was going to write. Something like that.
But, now I don't feel so... smart. I have this extra laptop that I use for testing here at work. I try to keep it up to date, but apparently I missed a patch and some worm climbed onto it and has been broadcasting itself from my machine (luckily, there is no email program set up on it).
But, it has a virus and the head-office IT people have been bitching to the NYC IT people about some computer somewhere on the network that has the virus. And the NYC IT people forgetting about my extra machine and have checked everyone else's and have been telling the head office that they are crazy.
The whole damn time it was this extra laptop.

UGH. Well, it is now patched and healthy. And I have told the IT guy here that his next couple rounds of drinks are on me.

Dumb. I feel.

I was reading a message board a few weeks back about some new anti-spam technology and came across this post that I just love:
i like receiving e-mail, even if it is spam. what i do not like is my isp trying to filter out what they think i do and do not want. quite a few times e-mail's from my sister have been blocked, and i love my sister and want her e-mails she sends me.

C'mon, what was the dream about?!
Buying new pants.

no, really... tell me.
Ok, it was about patching a computer.

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