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The Waiting Room

Happy Birthday little brother
How old is little brother? I think he's either 12, or 19, or 28. Or a combination of those numbers added together and subtracted.
Happy Birfday Bruda! You're my favorite brother ever.

Waiting room
I hate waiting rooms. I dislike them when I am sick. I dislike them when I am well.
You could fill a doctor's waiting room with delicious pancakes and I'd still not like it - but I might eat the pancakes.
(although i do like that fugazi song 'waiting room')

Mrs. Robot and SNL gal have same doctor
Mrs. Robot and a certain same first name having Saturday Night Live performer go to the same doctor. She was in the waiting room sitting next to SNL gal, and the nurse came out and said her first name and she and SNL gal both got up at the same time.
Hilarity ensued!
Because they both have the same first name.
That is why hilarity ensued.
The names are the same.
Did I over explain that?

I always imagine that they somehow bonked heads together and it made a fun coconut sound.

Said by woman in waiting room
"What we have is Microsoft Home Expo"
As she hollers into her cell phone in the relatively quiet waiting room.
I love listening into people's cell phone conversations, especially because so many of them are unnecessary.
Like the woman just now.
1st call: Hi, just checking in. We should talk about that stuff I mentioned last night.
2nd call: Yea, I think I'll take that class that I told you I was going to take last night. It's about Microsoft Expo.

Tamara needs a Mac lover
Our dear, single friend Tamara has an I-Book and it's been acting really wonky. She really needs to look for a boyfriend who knows his way around Mac OSX and can do a clean install and get her back in business.

I wonder how many relationships out there were because someone wanted free technical support on their personal computer equipment?
Probably 4.

I know I married Mrs. Robot in hopes that one day I will buy my own AVID movie editing system and she will be there to set it up for me.
She married me for my skill in half-assedly hanging blinds and curtains.

Retired Mother and middle-aged Daughter across from me - Points of conversation
1. I know that she has discussed this with her pediatrician - in regards to babies everywhere getting the flu

2. She has a nice camera, my photos never look like this

3. It's a normal 35mm camera

4. You need a blood pressure testing kit like I have

5. She's a cute kid

6. Listen to what the doctor tells you.

Family Member / Christmas Buying gift ease
Dad / Fairly easy. Likes books. Likes do-dads.
Mom / Tough to buy for.
Brother / Easy. He likes a lot of the same fun stuff I do.
Sister-in-law / Fairly easy, but that may be because we just buy her goofy girlie stuff (hope she likes it)
Mrs. Robot / Fairly easy. I always end up getting her non-jewelery and non-clothing gifts because I am a bit insecure about my choices in female fashions or something.
The Family Dogs / Easy. Bags of treats and tennis balls. Every year they seem to be even happier about the gifts.
Our Cat / Easy. She just likes all the empty boxes and ribbon on the floor.

If you normally get a gift from me at the holidays, and you don't want to know what I am getting you, stop reading now.
Otherwise, you'll find out that everyone is getting a pet cougar.

Did I ever tell you about Blasto?
Blasto was a post modern ironic holiday my pal Mark and I came up with some years ago.
This is how blasto works (you can print this out and carry it in your wallet)
1. Blasto is technically the 13th month, yet it only lasts one day. It's a 24 hour long, lost month. Think of it as the Vatican if the Vatican had lots of drinking and making out.

2. During Blasto, you eat, drink, make-out, and party as much as you can (we planned this before we got older and weren't able to handle the spirits and over eating like we could when we were younger).

3. Blasto shall not be referred to as "Blasto day" or "The Blasto", but simply as Blasto.

4. Blasto falls between New Years Eve and New Years day. That's just the way it works.

5. Happy Blasto!

you make reading fun. personally, i hate waiting in general. waiting rooms are the worst kind of waiting but at least you get to sit down. i do like that fugazi song though.

as to blasto, my friend and i used to dream of the secret tweaker hour. it was between midnight and 6 a.m. and it was the hour you could use for sleep, to plot your next coup, and to eat drink and smoke without consequence. now i am old tired and just sleep right through it.
»elanamatic ||  12/17/2003 ||  9:58:40 AM
Seesh, my boyfriend doesn't even let me have admin. privileges. I have to put in a special email request to open up a x-smash e-card from one of my best friends.
»binx ||  12/17/2003 ||  2:24:16 PM
Found this note on my fridge yesterday when I got home from work:

Cougar came in the mail. Ate S. Later!

Oh, and binxy, I'm sorry but I find it infinitely funny that your boyfriend -- who you live with -- has admiin priveliges over you.

»chris ||  12/17/2003 ||  4:29:43 PM
sweet and kind yet argumentative and every once 'n a while violent- is that a Sagitarian thing? reason I ask, my younger boy is one and I know no others- course he's also a second son
. . . two rachels in a waiting room, coconuts- I liked that.
»anne ||  12/17/2003 ||  4:39:52 PM

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