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friday afternoon ramblings

Dog Years

PowerPoint Version
Our goal, here at happyrobotUSA LLC is to convert all of our journals into the powerPoint format. Don't you think that would be a lot better?
Of course it would.
So, here is today's: 12072003.ppt

So, the weather
Hello! It's really cold here in the big stink, as it is every friggin place else. I think it's like 20 degrees outside, and in Canadian (i.e. Celsius) that would be…
hold on…
twenty times one third
minus thirty two plus
divided by seven...
carry the four
let's see that would… be… hmmmmm
OK, in Celsius that would be 'triangle'.

Crime ain't pretty
This week has been all about criminals it seems here on the robot. Internet celebrity Henry Earl, my lawless kin folk, that nutty lottery non-winner lady, and four busted Matt Johnsons.
And for a while I felt a little guilty about posting links and images to all these folks. Some sort of "not being in jail" guilt it seemed.

Robot Book
Yes, I also agree. Robot book is good.
I investigated it before, and I will do it again. If anyone has ever used one of those online publishers before, please drop me an email (hit that contact button on the top left).

Cube 63
We tried a new sushi place on Clinton Street - a neighborhood that has been lacking in the Japanese cuisine department.
Cube 63 was described by our pal Joanna as: "It's small and looks kind of like the inside of a spaceship"
Which I think is the best description of anything… ever!

My new sweater? It's small and looks kind of like the inside of a spaceship.

My feelings on the 2004 presidential election? It's small and looks kind of like the inside of a spaceship.

My description of Eric (w): It's small and looks kind of like the inside of a spaceship.

But, right. The restaurant.
It was pretty cool.

Last Saturday night we went to Motor City for Pat's 'going away to war' party.
Dubya-tee-eff - how did this happen?
We are in our thirties (some of us). Our friends are not supposed to be going off to war now - that only happens when we are 19.

Well, Pat seemed in good spirits. He will be gone for two years. Two years.
When you are young, two years is nothing. But when you have a career and own homes or buildings and have a marriage, two years is a real pain I imagine.

BTW, Pat and MattyJ made up. MattyJ said, "Pat, I should have hired you".

Pat, good luck once again. May the Force™ be with you.

Lord of some things
We, too, saw that Lord of those things movie the other night. It was a fine movie, but being that I am not someone who read the books nor has the attention span, I spent a lot of the movie thinking, "what's his name?" and "who is that?" and "he has giant flying eagles? Dubya tee eff?!"
But, boy it's a pretty movie. They did a fine job.

My pal Scott commented that he hopes George Lucas goes home and cries after seeing these movies since he so screwed up the Star Wars thing.

Yea, let me go on the record and say that these Star Wars prequel movies are a fiasco. I hope George, his children, and his many necks come up with something to save the franchise with the next movie.
But, I am not holding my breath.
Up yours, George - you idiot.

The Kurds
Poor crazy mixed up Kurds. Will they ever win?

I think he looks like Dennis Quaid. Or he reminds me of him.

HEY! it's 04, not 2003!
get your power point file right!
»dud ||  1/9/2004 ||  3:30:46 PM
I did get it that the presentation was done in dec03, just for the record. For those of us with dial-up, it takes a while to load and I clicked to go back to robot menu and the whole window closed. why? The slides were nice, the typing sound was a bit much, but overall I liked it.
»d ||  1/9/2004 ||  3:57:21 PM
those wacky 30 something’s going off to war! I don't get it either. I wish Pat all the luck ... my sister and her new husband joined at age 35 ... i think they had less than a month as newlyweds before he was off to boot camp ... she has spent the last 10 months in Kuwait (still there) and he will be going to Iraq in March … I did meet a girl that was going over with her that was only 18 … it’s a very scary thing no matter what age you are … I wish all the soldiers out there a safe return.
»k ||  1/9/2004 ||  4:18:18 PM
The PPT is brilliant, Buchanan, you really have mastered it. Don't ever, ever, let anyone know....! (really, it's hysterical, I love it!)

»reba ||  1/10/2004 ||  9:44:04 PM
loved the "show," rich. (doesn't everybody melt over a good ppt?) give yourself a hefty robotic raise !

and thx for robot, rich. there have been many days at work where i my only claim to productivity was reading bbcnews online for the comic relief, and robot for the latest world news. you totally rock, dude. xo. lena
»lena ||  1/12/2004 ||  8:48:05 AM

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