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I reserve the right to inspect your pants

Dear India,
This weekend, I microwaved our sponges. We also microwaved a dish rag (hey, it's like a sushi restaurant!).
We were thinking that it might be cool to microwave our bath towels, but our microwave is tiny.
But, don't you know that the mom network was just buzzing with this great Heloise-type tip?

You know, if it's really true, then it is a pretty quick way to really clean your kitchen sponge.

Oh, but on the other hand, I agree that bacteria is a necessary part of our lives.

Did I mention my cat really likes yogurt?

wardrobe malfunction
I saw this on live TV. Here we are flipping stations after dinner, and we come across the god-awful halftime show and during the two minutes we are watching we see Janet's boobie.
My thoughts:
1. I love the fake crowd on the field. Why do I suspect it was fake? Well, I saw shots of the rehearsal, and it looks like the exact same crowd.
2. I also loved the few shots of the actual, real life crowd. The ones who were just sitting there looking bored.
3. What's that on her nipple? (closeup from the drudge report)
4. MTV had a news item from last week that described Janet's upcoming performance as having "shocking moments". They have since pulled that news item. Viva google cache
5. CBS immediatly issued an aplogy, as did boobie grabber Justins Timberlakes
"I am sorry that anyone was offended by the wardrobe malfunction during the halftime performance of the Super Bowl," Timberlake said in a statement. "It was not intentional and is regrettable.

Does Janet have a record coming out soon?
(update: yes)

Five years, what a surprise
Happyrobot has an anniversary coming up, so I thought a fun topic might be: What I was doing 5 years ago.
Maybe for Tuesday?
If you aren't a robot writer and want to contribute, drop us a link to your entry, and I'll post it.
Have fun.

I am literally going a bit loony here. So, some of you may not know this since I haven't blabbed about it that often, but I have been having a very uppy/downy love affair with iTunes. My current obsession is with genre, something I have put off messing with until recently. The 3857 songs currently in my library are all wonkey in regards to genre. Some don't have any at all. Some are broken down into these sub-sub-genres that just annoy me (Missouri Shoe Gaze).

So, my goal is to break them down into, say 20 genre types, but of course that is a challenge when you have to decide whether to have a sub-genre or a completely new one for some of them.
In a week or two, they'll all be nicely organized.

The ASPCA doesn't say it's bad - in fact they mention it as a solution if your cat eats poison or something.
She goes nuts for it.

My hands smell weird.
Like food.

Social networks
Every now and then, I realize that I am way less geeky than I sometimes think I am. I generally work or are related to very un-tech-saavy people, so it gives me the feeling that I am smarter and more with it than I really am.
Reason I bring this up is that I got an invite to Orkut and joined a few days back and have thoroughly enjoyed it. I thought Friendster was a good basic idea, but with tons of issues and Orkut seems of taken the idea to the next level with what I think is a pretty nicely built interface and functionality.

Apparently, I have no f*cking clue what I am talking about because the internet kids all seem to be ripping Orkut a new one.

I spent the morning reading reviews of Orkut and have found out that Orkut has a bad TOS and you can't unsubscribe and it's more social based than business and it's totally going in the wrong direction of social network engineering.
Good lord, people.

But, I like it. And if you want an invite, drop me a line.
(Although it currently has me listed as FEMALE! Anyone know how to change that?)

Terms of Service
Someone made a comment about the lousy terms of service on Orkut. I don't have a link or any idea of the author, but they described it as insulting or disrespectful.
I thought the whole thing was funny, because I don't know about you kids, but I have resigned myself to assuming that every site on the web has a real crappy TOS attached to it. No matter who it is.
I just looked through the robot TOS (yes, there is one) and I think I will need to make some additions.

Such as:
By visiting our site, we reserve the right to inspect your pants. Also, you relinquish all patents or trademarks you hold to happyrobot upon your initial visit. By using our Robot Chat feature, you give us power of attorney.
We can see you through your monitor.

Heh. You're a girl.
»chris ||  2/2/2004 ||  8:51:11 AM
janet apparently has a pierced breast with a nipple shield.

um, don't ask me how i know.
»liz ||  2/2/2004 ||  9:17:12 AM

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