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Five Years

I've been doing this for five years
Actually, it's six years, but the domain name is 5 years old.
Five years ago.

Let's see. I worked in this crap-ass data-entry job that was only livable because Lawton, David, and Derek were working with me.

Smith Street was creepy after 8pm.
When the future Mrs. Robot would come over, I'd meet her half way so she wouldn't have to walk by herself.
We didn't have an ATM in our neighborhood. Or three sushi restaurants. Or twenty French restaurants. Or boutiques.
The grocery store smelled funny.

The kids across the street played basketball all day.
And all night.

I stayed up at night playing with my computer. I drank bourbon.
My roommate had a cat named Bean who was a sweetheart.
The bathroom ceiling leaked - a lot.
The old man downstairs thought I was a heroin addict because he claimed I jumped up and down on the floor (I have to say that my floor had literally three layers of rugs - he couldn't hear a thing).

I had barely enough money.
I did my laundry at the place around the corner that was a bit creepy. A crazy crack-headed woman yelled at me because she claimed I didn't know how to use a dryer.

I watched the movie Good Fellas and the Godfather a lot because we didn't have cable in the apartment and those were the two movies that my roommate had.

A undercover police force busted a woman for selling drugs in front of our building - as I was walking home. They did traffic stops at the end of our street to look for people buying drugs.

I worked for a temp agency. I wrote ugly HTML. Mrs. Robot wasn't a "Mrs.". Although I did ask her December 31, 1999 to marry me at a fun drunken new years party.

February 3rd, 1999, I stayed home from work and "launched" my website.

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  • Thanks and Facts...

    Who was the first writer?
    Kristen. She started in November 1999. Her first post was about her not being a crazy cat person, which is ironic because until she moved to LA she had like twenty cats.
    her first post

    Well, without MattyJ, I'd hate to see what path I would of taken with this site - especially from a technical perspective. Matt is a wealth of information and to this day provides suggestions and challenges that keep the site interesting.
    To me at least.

    Email from 2/2/1999 to Matt
    i think it looks awesome. makes me want a pepsi, tho.


    -----Original Message-----
    From: rich (via happyrobot)
    Sent: Monday, February 01, 1999 11:39 PM
    To: MATT
    this was a "logo" i was fiddling with.

    Thanks to all the robot 'staff'. You folks are just the best. Let's see what trouble we can get into this year, eh?

    that grocery store still smells funny.

    happy 5th!

    »matty j ||  2/3/2004 ||  9:13:26 AM
    happy robot 5th!
    »liz ||  2/3/2004 ||  9:31:13 AM
    happy birthday, rich!

    »pony ||  2/3/2004 ||  10:39:30 AM
    happy, happy. cheers!
    »n8 ||  2/3/2004 ||  10:41:10 AM
    Happy birthday Rich!!!! Hope it's a good year for you and the robot.

    »bec ||  2/3/2004 ||  11:04:23 AM
    happy birthday bec! yesterday :)
    »:r ||  2/3/2004 ||  1:17:44 PM
    Was it really five years ago we were were making fun of Adam all the time? Because that kinda feels like yesterday. Oh wait, it was yesterday.
    »jl ||  2/3/2004 ||  2:54:51 PM
    now we don't go to the grocery store- it comes to us!

    viva fresh direct
    »mrs. robot ||  2/3/2004 ||  3:30:00 PM
    Happy happy joy joy!!!! Oh Robust Robot, may your reign go on and on... and Happy Birthday. Your present will - as usual - be late and in the mail.
    »kristen martin ||  2/3/2004 ||  4:21:02 PM
    I'm happy you robots were born.
    »robot reader ||  2/4/2004 ||  4:42:04 AM
    happy birthday to happyrobot! HB2HR!
    »taiwai ||  2/4/2004 ||  4:03:14 PM

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